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The Occupy Movement To End The Federal Reserve Cabal


We Were Promised Hope But Then Told Nope
The 99% Want The Change They Were Promised, So Here's A List To Start With
NewsFocus Op/Ed, by Tim Watts - 112911

With the Occupy movement growing in numbers across the nation I thought this would be a good time to examine what life could be like without the number one plague on our society, the Federal Reserve System.

Oh, what a life it could be.

Many in America don't know about the evil that festers within the Federal Reserve cabal, a cartel of obscenely mega-wealthy multi-billionaires and trillionaires. Yes, trillionaires. If you naively believe that Warren Buffet, Bill Gates or Mexico's Carlos Slim Helu are the richest men in the world, you would be mistaken. When you control the printing presses of a nation's currency machine, money, as they say, is no object. ... (Read More)

The Adversary Facing The Occupy Protests
Illegal Police Coordination From The "Federal" Level Serves A Purpose
NewsFocus Op/Ed, by Tim Watts - 112811

The occupy protests, like their Arab spring counterparts, are a revolt by the people against an oppressive system. While the genesis of the American movement is very much in question, no one doubts the sincerity or the intentions of the brave citizens who are participating in it, however, some have questioned the message of the movement.

What does the movement want?

If you can't figure this out by now, then you watch too much TV news. I mean that, quite literally.

The mainstream corporate media has waged a disinformation campaign against the protests right from the start, trying to portray the group as thugs, or just indolent sponges that expect more free handouts from the system. That characterization is patently disingenuous at best, if not outright character assassination at the worst.

(Read More)

Seattle PD assaults peaceful Occupy protestors with pepper spray, including the elderly and pregnant.

The Violent Provocation of OWS Protestors
Is There A Hidden Hand At Work In Instigating Violence In A Peaceful Protest?
NewsFocus Op/Ed, by Tim Watts - 111611

After two months of peaceful "Occupy" protests in the US, it would appear that a new coordinated effort has been made to encourage violence in the movement, however, those advocating and initiating the violence are not coming from within the movement, but from the outside.

Overaggressive city officials are mandating arrests and demanding brutal attacks on the demonstrators, even though those in attendance have done nothing to warrant such hostile behavior from police officials whose number one task is officially supposed to be "to protect and to serve." Their duty is not to protect the corporate state, but to protect the well being of the people. That is job one.

The only thing the Occupy Protest can be charged with is exercising their legal right to assembly. The Constitution expressly grants "we the people" the legal lawful right to peacefully assemble, and to petition our Government of the people, by the people and for the people for a redress of grievances, as explicitly stated in the First Amendment.

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The Message of the Occupy Protests is 'End the Federal Reserve'
The Concerted Attempts By Some To Neuter The 'End The Fed' Movement
NewsFocus Op/Ed, by Tim Watts - 102211

In case you've been sleeping under a rock lately, a protest movement has been sweeping the country, labeled as the "Occupy Movement." Like its Middle East Arab Spring counterparts, this is a people's movement against tyrannical oppression, only this time the enemy is big money.

The masses are fed up with Wall Street and how they recklessly tanked the economy. People are pissed off that they're losing their homes, their jobs, their pensions, and yet the criminals who perpetrated this fraud are the ones getting protected with bailout money. No one on Wall Street has been held responsible for this collapse. Not one person has been indicted or convicted. Wall Street has destroyed twenty percent of our national net worth. The Federal Reserve bankers have been 100 percent culpable in all of it.

Americans are rightfully pissed off. Many believe this collapse was not an accident. If this is true, we have treason of the highest order. ... (Read More)

The New York City Verizon building displays a 99% 'bat signal' to the November 17 protest marchers.

OWS Goes High-Tech With Batman-Style Laser Projection
Movement Rises To Mayor Bloomberg's Childish Taunting Challenge
NewsFocus Op/Ed, by Tim Watts - 111811

The New York City Occupy Wall Street movement took their protest to a high-tech level with their November 17 march on the Brooklyn Bridge. Leaders of the movement put together a high-tech laser display on a prominent city skyscraper for all to see.

Responding to Mayor Michael Bloomberg's calculated and premeditated taunting in a press conference following the Zuccotti Park arrests, protestors were back in droves, however, this time with a new twist. Despite Bloomberg's provocative challenge, stating that less than a thousand people would show up, the protestors were indeed back, but this time with an expensive new toy right out of the comic pages, a Batman-style laser projection display to bolster their message. ... (Read More)

The American People Need To Wake Up, Now!

LAPD’s Appalling Treatment of Detained Occupy LA Protesters
Hubris And Hypocrisy: LA Makes Protestors Take Course On First Amendment!

My Occupy LA Arrest (A Must Read!)
'Family Guy' TV Writer Brutally Assaulted By Police
MyOccupyLAarrest.blogspot.com, by Patrick Meighan - 120911

My name is Patrick Meighan, and I’m a husband, a father, a writer on the Fox animated sitcom “Family Guy”, and a member of the Unitarian Universalist Community Church of Santa Monica.

I was arrested at about 1 a.m. Wednesday morning with 291 other people at Occupy LA. I was sitting in City Hall Park with a pillow, a blanket, and a copy of Thich Nhat Hanh’s “Being Peace” when 1,400 heavily-armed LAPD officers in paramilitary SWAT gear streamed in. I was in a group of about 50 peaceful protestors who sat Indian-style, arms interlocked, around a tent (the symbolic image of the Occupy movement). The LAPD officers encircled us, weapons drawn, while we chanted “We Are Peaceful” and “We Are Nonviolent” and “Join Us.”

As we sat there, encircled, a separate team of LAPD officers used knives to slice open every personal tent in the park. They forcibly removed anyone sleeping inside, and then yanked out and destroyed any personal property inside those tents, scattering the contents across the park. ... (Read More)

This Is How Protesters Are Dealt With In America: Pepper Spray To The Face, Rubber Bullets At Point Blank Range And Brutally Dragging Women By Their Hair

Seattle Police Pepper Spray Protestors, Including Elderly And Pregnant

Elderly and Pregnant Attacked at OWS Protests

Central bank rule coming to an end in the United States and Europe, But not without a fight.

UC Davis Protestors Pepper Sprayed


US Protesters 'Occupy' Lawmakers' Washington Offices
AFP - 120811

WASHINGTON — Around 1,000 demonstrators assembled at US lawmakers' offices on Thursday as part of a "Take Back the Capitol," action targeting corporate America's influence in Washington's corridors of power.

Protesters -- many of them labor-union activists who support the Occupy Wall Street movement that began in New York in September -- aimed to highlight that 13.3 million people are unemployed in the United States, and urge lawmakers to shun cuts to unemployment benefits and focus on job creation.

"You have the moral imperative to support those who are slipping," rabbi Erica Asch told demonstrators, standing alongside priests during an ecumenical ceremony near the US Capitol.

Protesters then chanted slogans under the windows of House Speaker John Boehner's office. Around 100 of them headed inside and reached the speaker's closed door, but they left five minutes later without incident.

The protesters staged sit-ins at other lawmakers' offices in an attempt to secure meetings with their elected representatives, centered on jobs and the economy. ... (Read More)

'99 percent' drop in on DC power players

Protesters fill the hallway outside of the offices of US Senator Scott Brown (R-MA) on Capitol Hill in Washington on December 6, 2011.

US lobbyists Aimed To Smear Occupy Wall Street
Irony: Spending US Tax Dollars To Discredit a Campaign For Better Government
AFP - 111911

A top US lobbying firm tied to the financial industry pitched a $850,000 plan to smear the Occupy Wall Street movement and discredit sympathetic politicians, MSNBC television reported Saturday.

A memo written on the letterhead of well-known Washington lobbying firm Clark Lytle Geduldig & Cranford urged the American Bankers Association (ABA), a client, to conduct "opposition research" on Occupy Wall Street in order to construct "negative narratives" about the protests and its political backers. ... (Read More)

NewsFocus: Yessir, another fine example of our elected government officials using our tax money to screw us over and discredit us. This is just one of the many reasons we are fighting this battle and staging the Occupy protests. If you don't think it's past time to clean house in Washington, you're ignorant or have been sleeping under a rock for the last twenty years.

Mario Savio Said It Best

Bloomberg Angered Over Congressman's Call For NYPD Misconduct Against Occupy Protestors
New York Times - 120911

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg criticized a prominent New York City congressman on Thursday for asking the Justice Department to investigate reports of police misconduct at the Occupy Wall Street protests in Lower Manhattan. ... (Read More)

Bloomberg Orders NYPD To Arrest Occupy Wall Street Protestors Legal Showdown Coming In Court After Zuccotti Park Evictions
New York Daily News - 111411

Hours after baton-wielding cops cleared Occupy Wall Street protesters and their tents from Zuccotti Park, a judge signed a order Tuesday saying the demonstrators can return with their stuff.

Multi-billionaire Michael Bloomberg took credit for ordering the police raid on the peaceful protestors.

Mayor Bloomberg said the city was waiting for a new judge to weigh in on the restraining order signed by Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Lucy Billings, a former civil liberties lawyer. ... (Read More)

Occupy Los Angeles marches in solidarity for evicted Zuccotti park protesters
Occupy Wall Street: Court Order Allows for Return to Park

Blackwater / Xe founder linked to Anonymous Occupy Wall Street

It's On! "We The People" Stand Up To The Fed & Wall St.
Protests Sweep Federal Reserve Banks And Wall Street
NewsFocus Op-Ed, by Tim Watts - 100611

Make no mistake about it, the ultra-wealthy bankers are the real evil in this world. The United States has been decimated with ponzi schemes, derivatives scandals, predatory lending and just about every other white collar crime imaginable, yet to this day, no one from  Wall Street, Goldman Sachs, or the banking elite has gone to jail for the brutal rape and pillaging of our economy.

Fortunately, the American people have taken notice and are starting to wake up.

Those who have paid attention and studied history know full well that the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, JP Morgan family, Warburgs, and Kuhn-Loeb bankers are the wretched in-bred psychopaths/sociopaths that have instigated all the suffering of the last 100 years, and beyond. They do it for money and power. They wrongly believe they are somehow better than the rest of us, yet by their actions they prove themselves to be less than human, inferior in moral character, and devoid of decency and integrity.

There is an old saying that behind every great fortune stands a great crime. It would be easier to count those who made their money honestly, versus those who haven't.

The sins of these rich, and many more like them, have only bought themselves a one-way ticket to hell. These vermin of humanity are nothing more than parasites, feeding off the backs of mankind. Their plan has been to extinguish the greater portion of us, sparing only those needed to serve them and run their corporate factories. It's time now for "we the people" to exterminate the real pests that infest our planet. It's time for us to eradicate the pestilence that has plagued us all for too many years.

We are tired of their wars. We are tired of their greed. We are tired of the burden they have placed upon us. We are tired of them.

The Bush tax-cuts saw these mega-rich double their wealth in less than six years time. Since the second great depression started in 2008, they have actually made money, all the while we grow poorer.

The top 500 companies in the U.S. have increased their holdings by 60% during a depression! That tells you the game is rigged in their favor, and working against the rest of us. This is the exact same scam they ran on us during the first great depression. This economic crisis has been strategically engineered and meticulously orchestrated to destroy the middle class and drive us into their servitude.

The Federal Reserve is NOT federal folks. It is a private cartel, a cabal of mega-rich bankers who have racketeered our country and our economy. That is a fact that most of the TV addicted lemmings in America are clueless to. We need to get educated folks.

It's time to say no to these people and incarcerate them for their crimes. Our bought and paid for politicians, including the Bush family and the Clintons, need to be prosecuted for their part in this overthrow of our republic. Barack Obama must be included for his complicity in this crime against humanity. He had his chance to prosecute the obvious crimes of the past two administrations. The only "change" we have is what little is left in our pockets.

Our blow-combed talking heads of the media, and their corporate masters, must also pay for their lies of denial and their silence of the truth, for they have been accomplices in this crime against the people.

To paraphrase the fictitious newscaster Howard Beal from the 1976 movie Network,
"We're mad as hell and we're not going to take it anymore!"

We the people say NO the the long planned new world order that benefits only the ultra-wealthy billionaires of this world. We say no to the agenda of the Bilderburg group, the Trilateral Commission, and the Council on Foreign Relations.

Throw off your yoke (turn off your TVs) and stand together now, while we still have the opportunity to do so. The police state is upon us. If you don't recognize this by now, your ignorance will become your bondage. Wake up people! Fight for your exodus from the Pharaohs of the modern world. Let the revolution to free humanity begin!

“There’s class warfare, all right, but it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, and we’re winning.” -Warren Buffett, 112606 NY Times

Naomi Wolf: How I Was Arrested At Occupy Wall Street
Arresting a middle-aged writer in an evening gown for peaceable conduct is a far cry from when America was a free republic
Guardian UK, by Naomi Wolf - 101911


Last night I was arrested in my home town, outside an event to which I had been invited, for standing lawfully on the sidewalk in an evening gown. ... (Read More)

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