Agitating The Occupy Protest Movement

Why Is Aggressive Action Being Used Against A Peaceful Protest?

Seattle PD assaults peaceful Occupy protestors with pepper spray, including the elderly and pregnant.

The Violent Provocation of OWS Protestors
Is There A Hidden Hand At Work, Instigating Violence In Peaceful Protests?
NewsFocus Op/Ed, by Tim Watts - 111611

After two months of peaceful Occupy protests in the US, it would appear that a new coordinated effort has been made to encourage violence in the movement, however, those advocating and initiating the violence are not coming from within the movement, but from the outside.

Overaggressive city officials are mandating arrests and demanding brutal attacks on the demonstrators, even though those in attendance have done nothing to warrant such hostile behavior from police officials whose number one task is officially supposed to be "to protect and to serve." Their duty is not to protect the corporate state, but to protect the well being of the people. That is job one.

The only thing the Occupy Protest can be charged with is exercising their legal right to assembly. The Constitution expressly grants "we the people" the legal lawful right to peacefully assemble, and to petition our Government of the people, by the people and for the people for a redress of grievances, as explicitly stated in the First Amendment.

If the people wish to occupy a public park owned by the people, that is their right. Their first amendment right to assembly takes precedent over all other civic laws enacted against the people in the form of unconstitutional curfews and restrictive ordinances. Let that much be clear.

It is an atrocity that new laws would ever be railroaded against us to enact designated "free speech zones" in America. This is a perversion of liberty in the highest degree.

Excuse me, but I thought America itself was supposed to be a free speech zone?

The fact that the corrupt Bush-Cheney coup on America enacted such patently illegal legislation against our legal first amendment rights is a Constitutional infraction that many could argue as being a treasonous act. Once again, our Government is of, by, and for the people, so therefore an attack on "we the people" could very well be construed as treason.

Some may argue that point to the contrary, but their bias would be a vested interest in the corporate state. The fact that our judicial system and media watchdog have let this perversion regarding restricted "free speech zones" linger without any question is an indictment on these corrupted institutions and is testament to their crooked affiliation to big money and corporate influence.

Let it be a foundation of the Occupy protests that "we the people" recognize no laws made against us and our inalienable Constitutional rights, enacted without our consent by a bought-and-paid-for legislative body which has been proven incapable of policing its own corruption. They will make NO laws against us and our Constitution. Period.

These thoughts are basic precepts of our liberties and the dream that our forefathers fought and died for. They are what this country and our Constitution were founded upon.

This movement is against the sole entity and power that our forefathers fought against, the ultra-wealthy bankers that have continually oppressed nations for centuries. In our case, it is the Federal Reserve System, a criminal cabal and cartel of immoral bankers who conspired in treason against us in 1910 and stole our national sovereignty from us in 1913, during a Christmas session of Congress when not all members were present.

This is the evil that this Occupy protest stands against. It is this octopus of crime that has latched onto our legal system, our legislative, executive and judicial branches. The head of this creature is a small group of evil men who cowardly hide behind the curtain of Oz, pulling the strings in an effort to maintain power and control over the rest of us.

This reporter has openly questioned the impetus for the numerous uprisings around the world, because so far, not one of these protests has resulted in anything good for the people, not for Tunisia, Egypt, Wisconsin, not for anyone, except for those who hold the power.

With this said, I do not question for a moment the good intentions and moral resolve of the people who were incited into these movements, however, we all need to take a step back and look at the machinations of these events and who is benefiting from them.

In no way am I implying that the people give up, but instead I encourage all to see the big picture with eyes wide open. We cannot allow our emotions to control us. Only a calm, reserved unity of intellect will prevail over these banksters and heavily moneyed powers that be.

So far, for the greater part, the OWS movement appears to get this and has done a magnificent job of self restraint, however, the powers that be also recognize this tactic of peace and are doing their best to kick a gentle bear to anger, even going so far as to infiltrate the protestors with agent provocateurs, sent in and disguised as protestors to create havoc and encourage police action.

Part of me is inclined to believe that it's all a ruse, that the Rothschild-Rockefeller led Fed realizes the jig is up with their fractional reserve banking scheme, so just maybe they feign a defeat to the people as they move on to the next stage of their plan, a one-world currency. It is not out of the realm of possibility. Their old system is crumbling, possibly by design, milked for all its worth. So maybe now they stage a fight, take a dive with the Fed, and then bring about the next stage to their long planned new world order.

Anything is possible with this crowd. They are expert chessman, playing many steps ahead in this battle on the grand board of life. To beat them, we must also think many steps ahead. See the entire board and the objective of the match, rather the individual moves at hand.

Right now, what we are currently seeing is the battle, police brutality against peaceful protestors. Pawns and knights are being maneuvered in this epic game.

These are pages out of the 60's, perhaps a step further, as they slam the innocent to the pavement, pepper spray the elderly and assault pregnant woman, before finally arresting them. Then, afterward, the courts say it's okay for the protestors to remain, and thus the cycle is set to repeat itself.

Meanwhile, as a direct result of the police violence, the protestors grow in numbers, thus increasing the odds for more emotion and anger to prevail at the next provocation from authorities, seemingly intent on inciting revolt by kicking a proverbial hornets nest.

The big picture to all of this could very well be that violence is actually what the Fed wants from these peaceful protests, to sour public opinion to the movement and to justify police retribution. So far, their actions, and the engineered cycle that is outlined above, appear to point to this conclusion.

The naive ask, why would they want to instigate violence from a peaceful protest?

The answer is quite simple, to discredit the movement as nothing more than hoodlums and unlawful renegades, all for the hypnotized couch potatoes at home watching on TV. Then authorities can justify their aggressive crackdown and increase the police state that has been pushed on us through the Patriot Act and the false War On Terror, an effort that benefits only the rich banksters and the powers that be.

There appears to be a concerted plan of operation at work here. Is it a coincidence that all of a sudden the police have started attacking the peaceful protestors? From New York, to St. Louis, Denver, Salt Lake City, Oakland, and Seattle, all across the nation, it appears a much coordinated effort has been implemented against the movement, no doubt coming from the Federal level. That much appears to be obvious.

If you know anything about what this fight is truly all about, you know that the Federal Reserve bank cartel is the real power in this country and they control the government. The Occupy protests are about removing this element from power, but with this group calling the shots and directing an offensive police state to bully the protestors with, this is a fight that could very well be manufactured for chaos.

The coordinated attacks against protestors across the country has to raise questions. You have to ask yourself under which laws did they decide to do this, since the local courts have come back to say it is okay for the protestors to be peacefully protesting. Do these local municipalities and their law enforcement agencies not seek a legal framework to operate under before they strike?

Does anyone else see the dichotomy here between law enforcement and the courts?

Those pulling the strings know full well what they are doing. These are not only very educated thinkers, but they are also deviously brilliant. Given the back and forth tug between law enforcement and the courts, an argument could be made that the Fed cabal might be nefariously operating under President Kennedy's historical statement, "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable."

That's a chilling thought to consider.

One could argue that the Fed is counting on this fact, and this explains why they are seemingly pushing and goading the protestors. Mayor Michael Bloomberg even went so far as to mock the movement by arrogantly proclaiming after the Zuccotti Park raid that the next day's newspaper headlines would be about how few protesters would bother to show up for the next march, probably less that a thousand he said.

Are you kidding me? This is an educated politician making an irrational enticement to a city of angry protesters. He's literally daring them to show up en masse. With such a childish incendiary taunting of the movement, did Bloomberg really expect everyone to just stay home and lick their wounds like ass-kicked lemmings with their tails between their legs? Seriously?

Do taunting comments like this from a seasoned politician make any sense to you?

It does only if you entertain the theory, they want a fight. They want to ratchet up their armored police state. They want to drive these protestors to a higher state of rage.

One avenue of thought is that the powers that be would like nothing more than to see a revolution, because like the first Rothschild instigated US Civil War, history has shown that their tactic has always been to divide us and conquer us. Revolution and chaos plays into their hands because it gives them an excuse to expand their police state, to protect us from ourselves, of course, all the while they are the ones who benefit and profit.

This Federal Reserve cabal is the reason why "we the people" are uniting en masse around the country through the Occupy protests, to stand up to this crooked cartel of criminals, but the key to winning this battle is to recognize their tactics and understand the end to their means. We cannot play to their strength, a heavily armed police state.

Our unity and resolve is our strength. We outnumber the banking bastards 300-million to one. The primary tactic of the OWS movement has to be, do not give in to violence. Remain peaceful and help educate others about the cause behind the movement.

Our main offensive weapon, as well as our number one defense, is a message of truth. Let their violence highlight our message about an unacceptable US police state that we will no longer tolerate.

Encourage the TV sitcom-lemmings of society to put down the remote for just a month, even a week, and seek out alternative news sources on the internet. Above all, stay away from sites that are politically aligned into the left-right trap that divides this union.

Listen to alternative radio outlets, such as American Freedom Radio, Orion Talk Radio, Oracle Broadcasting, or Revere Radio, among others. Learn the truth now before it's too late.

If you don't know what this last decade has been about, or the fervent rush to steal American liberties, all the while we claim to be fighting for democracy in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, perhaps you should educate yourself on the Bilderberg Group, the Trilateral Commission and the Council On Foreign Relations (CFR). For those that don't know, it's time to find out about the planned new world order, a one-world government of totalitarian rule by the ultra-wealthy.

The loss of liberty and Constitutional rights since 9/11 is no accident. It is a calculated, well engineered and highly patient plan to rule the world, but you'll never know about it until you put down that remote and step away from the TV. It's called the boob tube for a reason, and it has nothing to do with sex on television.

Once you learn the truth, this reporter is betting you'll be angry. You'll understand why others are protesting to save your liberty and your rights. You'll learn why so many want an end to the Federal Reserve System now, before it destroys us all.

You just might even join the ranks of the Occupy protest movement, but be forewarned, the powers that be will try to pick a fight. They're already doing so, but peace is our weapon of choice in the false war on terror. Their violence against our peaceful resolve only serves to strengthen our message and make our movement that much stronger.

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The Violent Provocation of OWS Protestors

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