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We Were Promised Hope But Then Told Nope
The 99% Want The Change They Were Promised, So Here's A List To Start With
NewsFocus Op/Ed, by Tim Watts - 112911

With the Occupy movement growing in numbers across the nation I thought this would be a good time to examine what life could be like without the number one plague on our society, the Federal Reserve System.

Oh, what a life it could be.

Many in America don't know about the evil that festers within the Federal Reserve cabal, a cartel of obscenely mega-wealthy multi-billionaires and trillionaires. Yes, trillionaires. If you naively believe that Warren Buffet, Bill Gates or Mexico's Carlos Slim Helu are the richest men in the world, you would be mistaken. When you control the printing presses of a nation's currency machine, money, as they say, is no object.

If you don't see these mega-wealthy fat cats at the top of Forbes' richest billionaires list, well, it's because the ranking is just that, a listing of billionaires. No one said they were measuring trillionaires. Granted the world probably doesn't have too many of these, but you can be sure that the Rothschilds are most certainly at the top of this exclusive short list, with the Rockefellers not far behind. These giants of wealth don't care about being at the top of a list. What possible value does an egotistical ranking in a magazine have for these wealthy cash barons when they already own all the money, property, utilities, and the Monopoly board to boot. Besides, it's not in a crooks best interest to openly brag in public about how much they've stolen.

Those that sit behind the gigantic seat of power known as the central banking system are the true rulers of this world. They are the ones who choose the Kings, Queens and Presidents of the world. They own our politicians, our judges, and even the military war machine. They figured out long ago how to beat the system and they did so in grand fashion. Of course, having no moral scruples or regard for life is a key component to their success. To them, compassion has no place in controlling a nation's currency.

Permit me to issue and control the money of the nation and I care not who makes its laws. Mayer Amsched Rothschild

The world's central banking system is run by the Rothschild family. The Federal Reserve is the US branch of this international fiat money scheme.

For the record, only two US Presidents have ever openly battled an American branch of the Rothschild central bank system, Andrew Jackson and John F. Kennedy.

Jackson actually defeated the renewal of the bank's charter in 1832. He withdrew all US money in 1833 and the central bank was dead. It took the Rothschild's 80 years to gain back their bank with the Federal Reserve coup in 1913.

Kennedy also knew the evil of a central bank handling the currency of a nation, so he issued executive order 11110 to create US Treasury notes backed by silver. That act outraged the bankers and moved them to swift action. After Kennedy's murder the act came to a screeching halt.

No US President has ever again dared to stand against this monolithic power.

Ending the Federal Reserve system must be job one in regaining our country.

By ending the Fed we can finally, once again, begin to address our national debt. Our forefathers first did this with their colonial script. Lincoln did it with his greenbacks, and Kennedy did it with his silver certificates. Lincoln and Kennedy both paid the price for these acts and were both assassinated for doing so. They tried to kill Jackson also, but the attempt failed.

For the record: Jackson was the last President to pay off the national debt, when there was no central bank or Federal Reserve system in place.

These men all understood the danger of a private bank controlling a nation's currency system through interest bearing notes. They knew that it would bankrupt the country.

The way the scheme works, they give us the money to put into circulation, but we have to pay it back, with interest. Well, if we get our money from them to begin with, where do we get the money from to pay down the interest? The only true financial wealth of our nation is our gold supply. Since we no longer use it to back our currency with, one can only wonder if Ft. Knox truly has any of it left, or if it now sits in a Federal Reserve vault, controlled by the private Rothschild-Rockefeller banking cartel.

Today we have three champions of the End the Fed movement, all from different political camps, but all with the same purpose and conviction.

  • Dennis Kucinich - Congressman (Democrat-Ohio)

  • Ron Paul - Congressman (Republican-Texas)

  • Bernie Sanders - Senator (Independent-Vermont)

Kucinich and Paul both tried to run for President in 2008, but both were ignored and marginalized in their efforts because of their stance against the Federal Reserve, even though both were hands down the choice of their party. Paul is running once again in the 2012 election, but as was the case in 2008, despite winning or finishing second in many straw polls, he is once again being ignored by a corporate media that is clearly influenced by the banking cartel. They try to diminish Paul's candidacy every chance they get. They do not want anyone upsetting their lucrative money/power game.

The Occupy Movement To End The Fed

Which brings us to the Occupy movement, a national groundswell of citizens who are demanding the hope and change they were promised in 2008. They are angry about the economy and are venting their anger at the Wall Street crooks who have fleeced this country, with the help of the Federal Reserve board.

The primary call of the movement is to "End the Fed," and rightfully so, considering that those behind the Federal Reserve are responsible for all the major ills of society, including its societal regression. This piece will focus on what needs to be done to bring society back up to speed, without the Federal Reserve system.

This author wholly supports the OWS protests, but holds reservations for unseating a power so firmly entrenched that they actually have nuclear launch codes and control of the military industrial complex and the US police state. They have complete control over our political leaders and our judicial system. A few million angry serfs do not hold a threat to them. If you think otherwise, you would be underestimating the vast power that they have accrued. It is my opinion that they will give up this system only when they have something better to move onto, or when brute force takes it from them.

This does not necessarily mean that we are without hope. Removing these parasites of humanity is going to take power. It will take a fight.

A million people marching in every city does not scare them. Their worst fear is that these uprisings will influence political and military leaders into finally turning against them. That is their worst nightmare, so this has to be a fundamental goal of this occupy movement, to coalesce political, law enforcement and military backing. Only when we have power will we ever threaten their power.

We are all in this together, because we're all just one pink slip away from joining the burgeoning ranks of the impoverished. That holds especially true for law enforcement and military personnel. The rich hold no special place for these public servants, other than to have them maintain a stranglehold over the rest of us. Without this vital security infrastructure, the wealthy are but defenseless spoiled rich brats who couldn't win a playground fight with weak schoolchildren.

It is imperative for the occupy movement to reach out, to educate the law enforcement and military members of this country, to gain a powerful ally in this fight for mankind's survival. If this threat seems a bit extreme to you, then once again you underestimate the intentions of this global cabal. Their eventual goal is to do away with nation status, to form a one-world government ruled by them.

An incentive for law enforcement and military members to join in the cry of the occupy is to consider what life could be like, would be like, without living under the boot heel of the mega-wealthy and their central banking cartel, as we have for the last 99 years.

Ironic that the 99% theme emerges as we enter the 99th year of the Federal Reserve.

Life Without The Federal Reserve Cabal

As previously mentioned, the first benefit of breaking free of the Federal Reserve system is that, for the first time in nearly a century, we could take control over the issuance of our own currency, without having to pay any interest. This means that we would finally be able to start addressing our national debt and begin to pay it down.

We are currently in the hole for $15-trillion, and that figure is rising rapidly.

The Federal Reserve crime family, Hank Paulson, Ben Bernanke, and Tim Geithner.

Because the power at the top sets the agenda, the Fed's influence over the ills of the US government are quite pervasive and widespread, thus their subtraction would be felt far and wide.

Most have no idea how far the influence of the Fed masters extends, but when you've got criminals in charge of the operation, it's easy to understand that most all of its affiliations would be criminal as well. The underlying institutions of a corrupt operation will more than likely also be corrupt.

And so it is with much of the Federal government. The IRS would be one such entity which immediately comes to mind, for it is an agency that clearly appears to operate with the discriminating, yet heavy hand, of a mafia crime lord. Our judicial system has become weighted to big money corporate interests. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has fallen in bed with the Wall Street institutions it's supposed to regulate. The FDA has likewise given in to big pharma and the Monsanto lobby. Even Congress itself has become beholden to the big money powers they're supposed to protect us from. The EPA oftentimes looks the other way when it comes to big oil and pollution, as they did in the Gulf. The CIA, ATF, and FBI have instigated crimes that many would argue are bigger than those they're tasked with preventing.

On and on and on it goes...

When the head of the corporation is corrupt, more than likely the rest of the corporation is crooked as well. Is it any surprise that our government has the issues that it does?

Think about a life without the Federal Reserve banksters calling the shots.

First off, we would strip the fortunes of those who raped the system unfairly, this would be done under the auspices of something new we could call the "Robin Hood Act" and would include the central bankers, the oil companies, and Wall Street institutions, etc. Anyone with ill-gotten gains would lose their vast fortunes and be imprisoned for crimes against society. The money would go to paying off the national debt. After that, it would go to replenishing national infrastructure needs.

We could restore the Constitution and the Bill off Rights, both heavily assaulted under Bush-Cheney and continued under Obama-Biden. With that effort we could also throw out the following unnecessary departments and repeal these anti-Constitutional acts of legislation.

  • Department of Homeland Security (DHS)

  • Transportation Security Administration (TSA)

  • The Patriot Act

  • Military Commissions Act

  • Homegrown Terrorism Act

  • Total Information Awareness (TIA)

Don't believe the Bush administration lie about terrorism... we knew full well how to do intelligence and US security before 9/11. Just because this country was set up to fail on one day is no reason to reinvent a system that worked perfectly fine until it was purposely tampered with on 9/11.

Dumping these Gestapo-like agencies and Constitution-threatening acts would not only restore liberty and freedom to this nation, but would save taxpayers billions of dollars. These savings could then be used to pay for the addition of beneficial social programs to remake our nation with.

Once we get rid of the dictatorial agencies and oppressive legislation, we could freely work our way through the government and undo the corrupt strings that were tied to the Fed and its morally bankrupt institutions.

All the way through, once we dump the Fed, then we could finally have true government reform.

People who do not understand the grip that the Fed cabal has over our country have no idea what it would mean to have them kicked out. The transformation to the US would be epic in scope, with the domino-effect, beneficial ramifications for humanity being almost beyond belief.

The money saved alone from cutting the military industrial complex would rebuild our society, but also would save society from the US war machine.

The second most prominent benefit of freeing our nation from this criminal cartel is that we could take control over our government once again. We could lock up the Federal Reserve and Goldman Sachs crowd, ridding them from our government once and for all, while handing the duties of the Treasury Department over to real economists and college professors, instead of criminal banksters.

The ability to throw the criminals out and bring honest academicians and scholars in is a huge key to reshaping our entire government and to address the way we approach not only our own social and economic issues at home, but how we interact with countries of the world as well.

Life without the Federal Reserve... it's a novel concept that we haven't tried in nearly one hundred years. Let's hope that we get to live it once again.

The Chance Is Now

You can't just hope for it, or wish for it. You can't say there's nothing we can do about it when others are leading the way and showing you how. You have to put down that damn TV remote and get off your butt and join the real patriots of the 21st century.

If you can't do it for yourself, then do it for your kids, for your nephews and nieces, or your grandchildren. Do it for those who've already fought for you, for John F. Kennedy, for Martin Luther King Jr., for Abe Lincoln and for Andrew Jackson. And if not for them, then pay a debt back to Thomas Jefferson and our forefathers who gave us something unique and great in this world, a Constitution that no other country has ever enjoyed.

To borrow a phrase, "Just do it."

This country will never truly ever be free again unless we fight to take it back. If you don't recognize what we've lost since the Bush and Cheney assault team tore through our Constitution, you're a brain dead zombie. Go sit down and watch some more TV.

But if you recognize what has happened; if you see the police state closing in on our way of life and our children's future, then please stand up and fight. Get involved while you still have the right to do so!

As it stands at this writing, most of our freedoms are already gone. Our only hope for getting them back lies in the cries of the Occupy protest. It's our job as Americans to support this movement, to fight back with everything we've got for a love of liberty that belongs to us, a liberty that this nation was founded upon and once stood for.

Perhaps we took freedom for granted for far too long in this country. All I know is that for the first time ever we've tasted life with less freedom, and I personally have to say, I don't like the taste of oppression; not one bit. 

If you want the freedoms back that we enjoyed before the Patriot Act, then you're going to have to seize this opportunity now as it presents itself with the Occupy movement.

To be free again... from harmful airport x-rays and degrading TSA pat-downs. Free from having to constantly "show your papers"... your photo ID. To be free from the intrusive watchful eye of big brother. Free to protest in peace without the fear of being beaten with a nightstick just for exercising your first amendment rights. Free from seeing the elderly assaulted and pepper sprayed in the face, or pregnant women brutally kicked and slammed to the ground. Free to tell our government that we will no longer take the physical and mental abuse any longer!

As Janis Joplin once sang, "Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose."

With a police state fast descending down upon us, our freedom is almost nearly gone, so we already have nothing left to lose. The Occupy movement is all about fighting to get our freedom back. I want some of that. How about you?

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