Saving the US Republic

A Look at Steps to Resurrect the US from Takeover, Op-Ed by Tim Watts - 071216

If we as a nation, are truly serious about saving the dream of our forefathers' republic, then I would  suggest we seriously get busy, because yesterday is already behind us, and yet each and every day more is done to take more of our freedoms away from us.

Since 9/11, more laws have been enacted in the US to restrict personal freedom and constitutional rights, than at any other time before in this nation's history.

As recent history has clearly shown us, we can no longer expect our elected representatives to write good laws for us. It appears that we now have to do that ourselves. That is the topic for this article.

As an example, just look at what your Congress has done to you under the guise of saving democracy and making you safe, through the shameless use of fear and unchecked terror...

  • The AUMF

  • The PATRIOT Act

  • Homeland Security Act

  • FISA Amendments Act

  • The Military Commissions Act

  • The Homegrown Terrorism Act (rolled into other legislation)

  • Intelligence Reform & Terrorism Prevention Act

  • NDRP

This is just a short list of some of the overly egregious legislation conceived by our misguided political representatives, that has compromised the America that we all once knew, just since 9/11.

Former SCOTUS selected President George W. Bush once said, "There will be no going back to the era before 9/11." but that's absolute bullshit, plain and simple, and you have to recognize that.

What leader tells its people after a national disaster that all hope is lost, and that there is no going back to society as it was before?

Who does that?

As history as our witness, the only leadership failure in that regard that immediately comes to mind is George W. Bush after 9/11.

That should make it pretty clear to all that the powers that be (TPTB) higher up do not want the old America back.

So, unless we strive to take back what was stolen from us, then we will truly never see that day again, but if we take the initiative to write the bills ourselves, and then force our representatives to vote on them, a lot would become much clearer as to who is working for this country, versus working against it.

How different our lives would be today, but for the efforts of our ever helpful (conniving) politicians.

If George HW Bush hadn't conceived the DPG... initiated NAFTA... or the 1208 Program... or lied about Kuwait to move the US to war...

If Bill Clinton hadn't allowed NAFTA... or the 1122 and 1033 programs... or Gramm-Leach-Bliley... or lied to us about Kosovo...

If George W Bush hadn't allowed the PATRIOT Act... or the AUMF... or the Military Commissions Act... or hadn't signed the SPP... or lied to us about Iraq or Afghanistan...

If Obama hadn't allowed the NDRP... or the SIP.... or signed off on NDAA 2012... or lied to us about Syria or Libya...

That's a lot of "if's."

The point is, there has been far too much legislation since 9/11 that is clearly not in the best interest of "we the people."

Everything has been geared towards the government taking more power for itself. Government under George W. Bush increased exponentially in the span of just a few years, and has maintained in full under Obama.

As I've said many times before...

The Taliban did not steal your freedoms, rescind Habeas Corpus, or challenge our constitutional rights.

Al Qaeda did not sign the PATRIOT ACT, the NDRP, or the FISA Amendments Act.

ISIS is not the organization that is listening in on your phone calls and reading your emails, or surveilling you in public.

With all due respect... let's be glaringly clear about the facts of the US demise... our chicken-shit bought-and-paid-for crooked politicians have done all of this to us, along with rogue factions within our government.

They are the ones who did this to us, not foreign terrorists.

With that said, here are seven proposed new bills, all of which are still in their infancy, but all with very obvious intent and purpose.

The idea is to design something that Congress cannot say no to, lest it risk exposing its true allegiance to big $$$ and TPTB.

These bills aren't designed with the intent to protect a government entity or corporate interests or the fortunes of the ultra-wealthy parasites who plague this country. These bills are written to clarify the obvious which has never been clarified before. These bills are about protecting "we the people," of all shapes, size, color, ethnicity and religion.

FYI, the Citizens Protection Act was already submitted in an earlier abridged form TWICE to Congressman John Kline and Senator Al Franken of Minnesota months ago, both of whom have yet to reply or acknowledge receipt of the proposal.

Here are the Seven New Bills Proposed:
(This is a current work in progress. Please bookmark this page and check back later for further updates.)

7 Bill Proposals to Help Right the US:

#1 The Citizens Protection Act
(People's Protection Act)


We the people, in order to form a more perfect union, adopt the

principles set forth herein, as official regulatory rules and guidelines, in order to establish a safe, uninhibited living environment for all, and as such thus hereby declare that any and all government actions towards the people, causing undo mental and/or physical duress, intimidation, violence, harm or hardship in any manner or form, shall be deemed as illegal, when it threatens the well being of the populace.


Any government action against the people, whether through its own culpability or through its own indifference, shall be considered as

contrary to the official oath of office and the appointed charge of duty, and as such shall be held as a criminal act and thereby is punishable by law.


Any US law set in secret, duplicity crafted and/or deceitfully represented to the people, that falls against our forefathers' declaration of independence and resulting United State Constitution, shall be considered null and void.


Let it be established that a designation of "National Security" can only be made when it does not harm or threaten "we the people" in any manner or form, since the security of the people is the utmost charge of our defense and intelligence agencies.


Let it also be clarified that any defense, intelligence, or LEA that states or implies a duty to the nation instead of the people, is contrarian in their thinking, because the term "the nation," by Constitutional right, infers to the body populace of "we the people," not a government.


Any government operation that is harmful to the people, whether through civil means, scientific experimentation, or intelligence and/or military application, shall be prohibited by law, under penalty of criminal prosecution.  


Any restriction of information from the public under the premise of

“National Security” shall be deemed an illegal, unlawful act, and as such, expressly prohibited, whenever it threatens, and/or violates Constitutional rights, and/or endangers the well being of "we the people," to which the government and military are legally sworn to



Any law or legislation allowing, and/or supporting such conflicting

actions of duty, shall be considered as unlawful, and thus, null and

void, whenever they are in violation of the care and preservation of

the civilian populace.


Any action deemed harmful or threatening to "we the people,"

primarily to its civilians, but secondly, to also include enlisted service and government personnel, shall, by law, be considered a criminal and punishable act.


This act herby re-institutes and reaffirms a sovereign United States

government, of the people, by the people, and for the people.

#2 Robin Hood Act
(Financial Reparations & Recovery Bill)


In accordance with racketeering and antitrust legislation, all 

institutions doing business in the US, whether corporate or private,

are liable for taxes under the same tax jurisdiction as "we the

people," and as such are to be held accountable for all monies

withheld during their operation in this country.


All wealth accumulated through unlawful monopoly, improper financial trading, or illegal criminal means is to be repaid to the United States Treasury Department, to pay down unpaid government debt.


Any laws releasing corporations and private institutions from

accountability and/or obligation for restitution of environmental

and economic disasters shall be considered null and void.


A re-opening of the following incomplete Congressional hearings into nefarious activities of the US ultra-wealthy shall take place until a full and thorough investigation has been properly executed:


1912 Pujo Committee to investigate the “Money Trust”

1932 Pecora Commission - investigates Wall Street Crash

1934 Nye Committee – impetus for US involvement in WWI

1934 McCormack-Dickstein Committee – US fascist coup

1946 The Kilgore Committee – US funding of Hitler/Nazi’s

1947 The Investment Bankers Case [US v. Morgan]

1953 Reese Committee “Dodd Report” – tax-exempt foundations


Any and all monies found to be of ill-gotten gain are to be seized

by the United States Treasury Department, for reparation of US debt.  


#3 Saving Social Security Act (Soc Sec Repayment Bill)


Let it be understood that Social Security is a forced contract,

requiring federal registration of civilians, as well as a mandatory

garnishing of their salaries.


You are given no option in this.


As a direct result, a legal trust has been established in accordance with the social security act of 1935, yet violated numerous times over, again and again, by previous sessions of Congress.


It is hereby proclaimed that no legislation be set forth against the

Social Security Act, until all monies taken from this legal

financial trust have been repaid to the fund and to the people.


In deference to the fact that this legal trust has been violated

many times over and over, it therefore cannot be amended or shut

down until all monies taken have been repaid to the system.


It is not a tenable argument to have the system closed down, just because it was impoverished through Congressional raiding.


They don't close a bank just to cover up the fact that it has been robbed of all its money. They get the money bank. It's what TPTB would do to you and I, so we should clearly do it back to them in like fashion, and demand that our money is returned in full.


All congress members that were a part of the raiding of the Social

Security trust, shall forfeit their government pensions and benefits,

or a commensurate portion, to pay back all monies taken under their Congressional stewardship.


Any social security money used for investment, and/or for corporate

and/or private interest, is to be paid back in full, with all associated

profits and interest.


Only upon full repayment and reimbursement of all monies taken from this trust, can the charter for said trust be re-evaluated.


If the trust is to be done away with, then all monies seized under

payroll garnishing are to be paid back to all citizens involved, with appropriate interest applied. 


#4 The Wall Street Act (Financial Crimes Accountability Bill)


All institutions found to have contributed to the destabilization of the

US economy are to be held liable under the laws of criminal

racketeering, collusion and treason.


Institutions found to be in criminal conduct shall be closed and all monies will be seized to pay back frauded US investors, with any leftover applied to the outstanding US debt.


Investigations must be re-opened into the 1929 economic collapse, as well as that of 2008.


All parties found associated in deliberate unfair market exploitation or financial fraud in any form shall be held accountable and will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and held accountable for all financial damages, and as such are liable for all monetary reparations. 


#5 Government Accountability Act (Gov Treason Bill)


All government officials and politicians directly responsible for

legislation or programs contrary to our forefather's declaration of

independence and its resulting United States Constitution are to be

fully investigated under the laws of treason.


All those found responsible or directly associated with the proliferation of laws that have undermined the sovereignty of the country, its economic stability, and/or the US Constitution and its ensuing Bill of Rights, shall also be investigated under 18 U.S. Code Chapter 115 - TREASON, SEDITION, AND SUBVERSIVE ACTIVITIES, and prosecuted to the full extent of the law if found guilty.


#6 Reform Unchecked Presidential Power (Reform Bill)

The office of the president has accrued dictatorial powers since 9/11, powers that were never intended for one man. These power must be rescinded immediately. The office shall be returned to its previous state, as envisioned and sanctioned by our founding fathers. The use of Executive Orders shall be revised with safeguards and check and checks and balances, with Congressional veto power.


#7 Remove Partisan Favor from SCOTUS (SCOTUS Bill)

One major change needs to be made to the Supreme Court... remove the partisanship that has no place in the highest court in the land, a place where decisions are supposed to be made on noble principle and unbiased judgment. The prudent move would be to add one more justice and balance this horrendously flawed system by making the partisanship equal... with four Republicans and four Democrats. If a justice ignores their duty and shows biased partisanship and continually rules with their own personal party preference, they must be removed from the court and replaced with an impartial justice of the same party.

While we're at it, we could get rid of a few laws too, like all of the post-9/11 bullcrap put in place to specifically neuter our Constitutional rights.


  • Military Commissions Act

  • NDRP

  • SIP

  • HAVA

  • Citizens United

  • Cancel COG

  • Cancel all SOE's

  • Renew Glass-Steagal Act

  • Rescind Proclamation 7463

  • Review all Executive Orders

  • Rescind and Revise NDAA plans

This is but jut the tip of the iceberg. It's a damn good start though.

One other HUGE change... term limits for Congress to stop the perpetual corruption cycle.

Another thing would be to rescind the right of corporate personhood, and with that, Citizens United would also fall.

The point here is this... there are steps that we can address that will give us the real "change" that we want.

If we're truly serious as a people about regaining our country, then we need to undo the laws that they made behind our backs, those that make it legal for them to do what they do to us. It seems to this author, these proposed bills would be a great place to start.

Please feel free to copy, paste and email these bill proposals to your elected representative, or make altogether new bills of your own.

The point is, if we want the real "change" that was promised to us, then we'd better write these laws ourselves, because our Congress has done a piss-poor job to this point of identifying the real needs of "we the people."

How could we possibly do any worse?

If anything, it will definably show you how our esteemed Congress feels about real change, that will benefit their constituents, instead of corporate lobbyists and their big-money $$$ campaign donors.

So, let's write the bills ourselves, and see what they do with them.

It should be a very enlightening exercise and indeed, very telling.

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