Bring Back Our Forefather's Dream

A Look At What Ails Life In The U.S.


Taking Our Country Back: Regaining Our Forefather's Republic
These Are Important Steps To Regaining Our Constitutional Rights
NewsFocus, by Tim Watts - 081911

Our forefathers are more than likely rolling in their graves as they watch our government turn into a police state. A country that they worked hard to perfect, and fought and died to protect, is no longer the land of the free. Despite the cries of uneducated pundits, we are not moving to a system of socialism, we are moving to a strengthening fascist state. The only socialism threatening our country is the bail-out of the ultra-wealthy. The only welfare state dragging this country down is clearly corporate welfare. "We the people" have been passed over for the privileged few.

If we ever hope to regain what we have lost, here are five points that we can start with:

1) Take back the media! Under the current corporate media we have no 4th Estate watchdog to save us from corrupt politicians, rich oligarchs and government tyranny. Without this necessary overseer of democracy we have no accountability for the truth.

2) End the Federal Reserve System and restore the power to issue money to the U.S. Treasury Dept. End the illicit bank cartel that has bankrupted our country.

3) Enact sweeping campaign reform and get the big money out of politics, particularly corporate money. Politicians are elected to serve "we the people." not corporations. Rescind Citizens United Act!

4) Kill HAVA! Until it is gone, we have no ballot box accountability. Electronic voting has been proven to be highly vulnerable to hacking. Every election cycle since HAVA has had documented cases of hacking where votes have been stolen, or added, to influence the outcome of key elections. Give us back our right to representation through honest, free elections.

5) Get rid of the PATRIOT Act, the Military Commissions Act, and all other Constitution threatening legislation that have neutered, if not killed, the dream of our forefathers.

These five points would be positive steps in restoring the republic of the United States.

Improving Life For Everyone, Rather Than Just A Select Few:

If you really want to make life better for us all, here are just a few things to think about...

Rescind the corporations right to be a person. Make big pharma accountable for their drugs that are sickening and killing so many. In addition, prohibit them from lobbying doctors. Prohibit the fluoridation of our water, a process which is documented to lower IQ. Ban all genetically modified foods which are harmful to humans. Prohibit the adding of BGH (bovine growth hormone) to milk. Get us off the antiquated combustion engine, improving our air quality and seriously neutering the power of the big oil companies. Stop giving steroids to animals that are for human consumption. Return integrity to our government agencies, such as the FDA, CDC, SEC, FTC, EPA, and the FCC, to name but a few. Do away with TSA and Homeland Security. Clean up the FBI and the CIA. Reform our judicial system, including the Supreme Court. Initiate banking reform and credit card reform. Strengthen our social programs that benefit mankind, like Medicare and Social Security. Bolster needed public assistance programs, such as food stamps, welfare, and unemployment insurance. These are programs for all people, regardless of political affiliation. Reform our public education system. Implement free healthcare for all, regardless of income. Provide free college for all, educating our society as opposed to dumbing it down. Get rid of NAFTA and bring our jobs back home. Stop off-shore corporations from exploiting our country and hurting our economy, while not paying any taxes back into the system, all so that they can profit at our expense without paying their fair share.

If this short list seems a bit long, it should give you an idea of how backward our society currently is. We have the capability to do all of these things in this country, yet a free-for-all system of unchecked capitalism restricts us from achieving these necessary needs and improvements. When less than 1% of Americans are allowed to own all the wealth, that is not a fair system of capitalism. It is a clear indicator of a flawed system that is exploitable by those with the means and capability to do so.

If all of this seems too extreme for you, just ask yourself one thing, WWJD (What would Jesus do?) If you're not religious in faith, then perhaps check into Gandhi; anyone with a moral conscience that cares for the many and not just the few.

We are capable of so much more as a species in developing a society that is beneficial to all. Maybe one day we can come to an agreement on what is good for everyone.

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