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The Nature of a Conspiracy Theory
When Does an Investigator of a Large Crime Become a “Conspiracy Theorist?”
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Osama bin Laden immediately denied involvement in 9/11. The FBI readily admits that it has no evidence at all linking bin Laden to the event, even though the Bush-Cheney regime immediately laid the blame on him within minutes of the event.

So what separates the baseless accusations of the U.S. Government from the well researched claims of 9/11 investigators? Why is it that those with tangible evidence in the 9/11 truth movement are labeled as the “conspiracy theorists,” rather than those in the government who perpetuate a very far fetched baseless claim that cannot be proven?

Please consider the following...

Investigators in the 9/11 truth movement have uncovered military grade explosives residue, complete with nano-thermite evidence from the WTC ground zero debris; very suggestive that an orchestrated demolition was the cause of the buildings' destruction.

Researchers have also recovered the previously classified FDNY 9/11 dispatch tapes through FOIA requests. The reason these tapes were classified is because the FDNY firefighters that are heard on the tapes claim there was no fire whatsoever from floor one, all the way up to the 78th floor! Even then, only two small fires were present on the 78th floor, both capable of being put out with one fire hose.

At least 7 to 9 of the “alleged” hijackers have been found to still be alive to this very day, never having anything to do with 9/11. How did authorities come up with their names when 1) they had no direct evidence against them, and 2) they were never in the country to begin with.

Investigators discovered that the U.S. Government purposefully released a tape of a fake Osama, claiming it to be the real thing, even though U.S. intel wasn’t sharp enough to notice that the “alleged” Osama in the video wrote, gestured, ate, and drank with the wrong hand, contrary to what the FBI has documented on him.

There are many problems with the official U.S. version of how 9/11 happened, yet no one accuses the government of pushing its own conspiracy theory, even though that’s exactly what their argument rests upon.

Why is it that conspiracy theory is reserved only for those that accuse the government of foul play?

Who is pushing the real conspiracy theory when it comes to 9/11?

The U.S. government accuses bin Laden and his men of…

  • Sneaking past U.S. Customs
  • Eluding the CIA, FBI and U.S. law enforcement while in the U.S.
  • Outsmarting the security of Dulles, Logan and Newark international airports
  • Coordinating a timed takeover of four major U.S. airliners
  • Overpowering all four airliners with mere box-cutters, while grossly outnumbered
  • Performing miraculous flying maneuvers with little or no piloting skills
  • Circumventing all major U.S. air defenses
  • Destroying three steel framed skyscrapers with low burning jet fuel
  • Planning such an attack without the NSA,CIA, FBI or Echelon from catching it
  • Discovering and exploiting multiple secret U.S. air defense exercises for 9/11

Whether some like it or not, the above list is as hard to accept as perhaps many scenarios proposed by 9/11 researchers. The undeniable fact is, the government version is as much a conspiracy theory as any other explanation offered to date. Those who have actually spent the last eight plus years studying the 9/11 conspiracy find it harder to accept the official version because they cannot reconcile the actual facts of the event with the myriad incongruities of the official story.

A conspiracy is when two or more individuals come together to commit a criminal act in collusion. Most major crimes in the U.S. and the world involve more than one person, so why the denigration of a legitimate dictionary definition that simply denotes the nature of a criminal cabal or alliance? Are those that like to equate conspiracy theory with lunacy trying to say that conspiracies do not exist in this world?

Watergate was a conspiracy that originated from the office of President Nixon.

Operation Northwoods was a planned U.S. Government conspiracy, albeit one that was curtailed by President Kennedy before it was executed.

The point is, conspiracy is real, especially so within the halls of government power. To claim that conspiracies can only come from foreign enemies is contrary to reality. To believe that there are no political groups with nefarious, grandiose agendas is extremely naïve. (see the PNAC)

So enough with the “conspiracy theory” belittlement. Those that have an issue with 9/11 truthers, try refuting the facts for once, rather than those who try to investigate and understand them.

Conspiracy theory is real. Two publications will enlighten you, the dictionary and a history book.

Just look it up.

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