The 9/11 Fire Lie

A Special Report on Building Fires and 9/11

Chicago, Illinois skyline 

Does Fire Really Cause Building Demolition?
If So, Then Why Use Explosives to Demolish Buildings?, by Tim Watts - 033116

The charge was made on 9/11 that buildings could collapse from fire, even though the World Trade Center buildings were very limited in the amount of fire received, in comparison with other known high-rise (skyscraper) fires.

So, let's take a look at other large building fires and their outcomes.

  • First Interstate Bank, Los Angeles (5/4/88) 62 stories
    Four floors burned for 4 hours with no collapse.

  • One New York Plaza, New York (8/5/70) 50 stories
    Five floors burned for 6 1/2 hours with no collapse.

  • One Meridian Plaza, Philadelphia (2/23/91) 38 stories  Eight floors burned for 18 hours with no collapse.

  • Caracas Tower, Caracas (10/17/04) - 56 stories
    26 floors burned for 17 hours with no collapse.

  • Windsor Tower, Madrid (2/12/05) - 32 stories
    29 floors burned for 21 hours with no collapse.

  • BTCC Building, Beijing (2/2/09) - 44 stories
    44 floors burned for 6 hours with no collapse.

  • Chechnya hotel, Chechnya (4/3/13) - 40 stories
    30 floors burned for 29 hours with no collapse.

  • Torch Tower, Dubai (2/21/15) - 79 stories
    Many floors burned for 3 1/2 hours with no collapse.

Despite the ferocious severity of each of these fires, NONE of the above mentioned buildings ever collapsed. Not one single building.

And then, of course, there is the World Trade Center on 9/11...

Building Height Year Burn Time
 WTC Tower 2 110 stories 2001 15-20 minutes
 WTC Tower 1 110 stories 2001 15-20 minutes
 WTC Building 7 47 stories 2001 3 hours

The End Result... ONLY on 9/11 do buildings fall

 WTC 2 South tower 
 Hit at 9:03am
 15-20 minutes  Fell in :10 seconds at 9:59am
 after standing just 57 minutes.
 Falling at 11 floors per second!
 WTC 1 North tower 
 Hit at 8:45am
 15-20 minutes  Fell in :09 seconds at 10:28am
 after standing just 102 minutes.
 Falling at 12 floors per second!
 WTC 7 (Salomon) 
 Never hit by plane
 3 hours  Fell in :6.5 seconds at 5:20pm
 Stood 8 1/2 hrs w/ small fires
 Fell at 7 floors per second!


So now we examine the buildings involved on 9/11, and we have a serious contradiction from the previous set of buildings.


For the first time EVER in the history of architecture and structural engineering... a high-rise building falls due to fire... but it doesn't happen just once, it happens THREE TIMES in one day, on 9/11.


Three building fell on that infamous day, for the first time ever,
all allegedly due to fire


What are the odds?

  • WTC 2, New York (9/11/01) 110 stories
    Five floors burned for :20 min. total collapse in :10 sec.

  • WTC 1, New York (9/11/01) 110 stories
    Four floors burned for :20 min. total collapse in :09 sec.

  • WTC 7, New York (9/11/01 47 stories 
    Three floors burned for 3 hours total collapse in 6.5 sec.

It should be noted that the WTC buildings were designed and engineered to withstand multiple airliner strikes, and still stand.

There were unequivocally, NO "major-ragers" or roaring fires engulfing the interiors of the WTC towers on 9/11, unlike the other buildings noted above.

FDNY reported before the collapse that the 78th floor had two small pockets of fire, that could be contained with just one or two hoses, tops!

So, it's very curious that the towers would collapse, despite no major fire or heat to weaken the structures.

As a result, over 2,400 international architects and structural engineers have signed on to a petition stating that the "official story" is not the real story on 9/11, because high-rise buildings simply do not fall from fire.

Very tall structures are rigidly engineered not to collapse from fire.

Again, to reiterate, the WTC buildings were also designed and engineered to withstand multiple airliner strikes, and still stand, yet WTC towers I and II fell effortlessly, within an hour and 40 minutes.

So, building experts categorically say that the "official story" on 9/11 is a blatant lie. They base their opinions on science and physics, as well as their acute understanding and knowledge of building code and structural design.

The experts are at clear odds with the government over the glaring fabrications involved in the official story. They see the government version as a deceitful attempt to explain away the events of 9/11 as natural, when in fact, they were not.

Consider the astronomical odds...

Only on 9/11 has a skyscraper ever fallen, allegedly due to fire.

Only on 9/11 did this happen... THREE times.

No building has collapsed since 9/11, despite the glaring fact that there have been FIVE new skyscraper fires since then, with all of them burning far longer and much hotter than all three WTC towers combined.

To top it all off, WTC building 7 fell, just like WTC towers I & II...
yet it was NEVER hit by an airplane.

Trust the architects and structural engineers... 9/11 is not what they told you on television.

The "official story" is blatantly and patently wrong.

Don't buy the lie.

The events of 9/11 are not as the government has told you.

Investigate on your own. Search out the real truth.

For more 9/11 info see: The 9/11 Guide

A Quick Fire Comparison

Windsor Building, Spain

The Madrid Windsor fire burned longer and way hotter, yet with no collapse.

Video: The Spain Windsor fire (YouTube)

Madrid Fire Originally Reported Up To 1500 Degrees Celsius

Madrid Fire Temp Rises

BTCC Building, China

The Beijing BTCC fire burned the entire structure, yet it did not collapse

Video: Chinese BTCC fire (YouTube)

WTC Towers I & II

After less than :20 minutes, the WTC fires are already out, yet both collapsed!

The truth is... 9/11 was an inside job.

The War on Terror is a ruse for world control by the ultra-wealthy.

Don't be deceived. Be aware.

The truth is out there.

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