The Globalist Plan at Hand: TPP & TTIP
NewsFocus, by Tim Watts - 091116

Did you know?

The contents of the TTIP negotiations are “classified” from the general public.

Why is that?

Is it because the public is just "too stupid to understand international business affairs," or perhaps because the public is just smart enough to recognize a con-job and a swindle when they see one?

Known by similar acronyms, many don't realize that there are TWO globalist plans currently in the works. This may very well have been by design. Despite the distinctly contrasting geographical locations, name-wise, unless you pay attention to this all the time, most of the general public think this is all the same plan. For all intents and purposes, it should be.

The Distinction:

The TTIP (TransAtlantic Trade and Investment Partnership), as its name suggests, deals with the Atlantic side of the US and the EU, while the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) deals with the Pacific side, including SE Asia, Australia, and New Zealand, along with Peru and Chile. Both treaties are currently being negotiated out of the purview of the general public. This admittedly has many people disturbed due to the secrecy.

These two plans dovetail as one, with the US, Canada and Mexico being the central targets. This brings the EU and the Americas one step closer to solidification by the ultra-rich plot for a one world global rule, presided over by them.

Currently they are negotiating for "free trade," but what they really mean is the removal of all tariffs and trade restrictions, longtime essential elements necessary for a country to protect its industry and economy from negative outside influence.

Under the proposed new TTIP, uncooperative countries can be more easily overrun through economic trade warfare.

What these ultra-wealthy globalists aren't doing is to address the gross inequality in labor wages around the world.

By failing to raise pay standards and make labor equal, as they are with free trade, they continue to allow corporations to move to where the cheapest labor is, thus negatively affecting already developed nations, while exploiting those struggling underdeveloped nations.

The corporate state then achieves undue leverage over the negatively affected developed nations, blackmailing their labor and forcing them to accept lower third-world slave wages, or else the factory moves overseas, to achieve that same rate from an impoverished third-world country which is ripe for corporate exploitation.

Thus, through such an engineered economic-cycle, the ultra-wealthy are able to achieve their own version of an equal labor rate, albeit it a very poor one, with third-world salaries as the new norm for everyone. This is the model they are currently trying to set up. This is not good for labor. It benefits only the ultra-wealthy globalists who know no loyalty to country, but only to profit and power.

This will have an obvious downward spiraling effect for the economies of those countries, creating turmoil and despair.

When there is disparity, there is opportunity for the ultra-rich and their hungry corporations.

One of the biggest threats from TTIP comes from a proposed new law that would allow corporations to sue governments if their policies are deemed detrimental to their business. Under something called Investor-State Dispute Settlements (ISDS), a multinational corporation such as Sony could sue the US if it's policies stifle Sony's business, or GE could sue France, etc. This would essentially give corporations an enormous amount of leverage over government policy.

This isn't capitalism. It's fascism, by every definition of the word.

This is the essence of their heinous new world order.

Is it a "coincidence" that both of these plans are being negotiated at the same time, with very similar names and agendas, yet both are two separate proposals. They could have been ONE proposal, but that is easier to spot and knock down. 

Instead, they have duplicitly submitted TWO plans that act as one.

The sad thing is... these are not the only two international economic plans that are being discussed in secret.

The fact is, there are two other trade agreements that are also being negotiated at the exact same time. There is also the TSIP (Trade in Services Agreement) and CETA (Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement), so it would seem that the globalist new world order cabal has more than one iron in the fire, with four global economic plans currently in play.

The bottom line is, they are being sneaky for a reason, because it's not good for us. This is only for the ultra-wealthy.

It's interesting to note that every single benefit ever won by labor has been eradicated under the new world order since 9/11. Work paid health insurance is now gone, as is overtime, 401ks, and pensions as well. (Unless of course you are a CEO or company executive.) The point here is this... these are all being systematically rooted out of the present system for common labor, in lieu of a much more fascist model with no more workers right or benefits.

The position of the ultra-wealthy globalists is that corporations deserve rights, but not the people. They would like nothing more than a to return to 1800's labor standards... as in no regulation whatsoever.

If you don't see this happening in the world around you today, you are watching too much corporate controlled TV.

People need to recognize this reality and see the real "change" that was intended for all of us since 9/11.

It is also interesting and significant to point out that countries such as China and Russia (part of BRICS) are not included in this international deal. This then suggests the orchestrated creation of a "trading block," meant to impose its will on other countries that are not in the economic alliance.

All in all, both of these plans have obvious hidden agendas not being revealed to the overall public. This is why all information has been deemed classified and negotiations withheld from the public.

The combo of TPP, TTIP, TSIP, and CETA is nothing more than a greedy, political power-play. The fruition of these four plans is not a good model for humanity. Only the ultra-rich will benefit from such a system, therefore, it must be stopped.

Free trade is not a good thing unless third-world nations are paid the same as developed nations.

People must be educated as to the real facts, so that they know what is truly going on. By classifying negotiations and closing the doors of public disclosure concerning TTIP, the ultra-wealthy globalists have tipped their hand as to its true nefarious intent for the general populace.

If it's good for the people, then why are they possibly keeping it "classified?"

Please pass on the link for this article and tell your friends about the secret dealings of the TPP, TTIP, TSIP and CETA.

Call your elected representatives and tell them this is not acceptable. These plans must be stopped immediately.

"We the people" say NO MORE to the globalist ruse for a one world order, because fascism was never part of our forefathers' plan for an independent republic.


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