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A Special Report on the Illegal Surveillance of US Citizens

Making a List and Checking it Twice

For those who've been naughty and Those Who've Been Nice
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Every oppressive regime, from Mussolini - to Hitler - to Pinochet, has kept a list of those who stood against them. Most criminal government  cabals always like to keep tabs on those who know their sins.

Such a system has been in effect here in the US, since the attacks of September 11, 2001.

The US has secretly been keeping track of those who question or stand opposed to the atrocities of a government gone awry since 9/11, first by Bush-Cheney and now afterwards by the Obama-Biden regime.

United States citizens are being monitored and scrutinized, simply because they've been reflective or critical of a rogue government and its criminal element - treasonous US officials who have literally gone batshit crazy, off-the-chain since 9/11.

The bogus War on Terror has allegedly been erected to protect our freedom, yet in all actuality, it has been created to take it away.

The post-9/11 world is not the same as the world we used to know.

Much has changed - and quite by design - regarding Constitutional freedoms and personal privacy here in the United States.

Using 20/20 hindsight as a non-biased perspective, many people quite readily agree with that dour assessment.

And almost in the blink of an eye... history has repeated itself.

WWII Jewish concentration camp   Guantanamo Bay Indefinite Detention Center

As many already know by now, 9/11 is not what they told us it was.

Everything happening since 9/11 has been orchestrated and directed by a very wealthy covert group of people, working secretly behind the scenes for a one-world global government, allegedly to be ruled under the auspices of the UN, but in all actuality, will still be controlled by this illicit, ultra-wealthy cartel.

In her highly acclaimed documentary film, "The End of America," author Naomi Wolf details how the closing of an open society is achieved through ten steps, all of which are at play here in the US right now.

  • Subvert the rule of law
  • Invoke an internal and external threat (Terrorism)
  • Create secret prisons for torture (Guantanamo, etc.)
  • Develop separate paramilitary force (Blackwater, Craft, etc.)
  • Surveillance of citizens (NSA spying, SSSS designation, etc.)
  • Infiltrate Citizen's Groups (Tea Party, Occupy, 9/11 Truth, etc.)
  • Detain and release citizens
  • Target key individuals
  • Restrict the press
  • Recast criticism as espionage and dissent as treason (unpatriotic)

I could add a few more to the above top ten, such as...

  • Restrict freedom of assembly
  • Glorifying authority figures
  • Work to take away guns/ammo
  • Initiate national ID system
  • Manipulate the economy to create hardship and suffering

All of these things are being done in the United States today.

All of these things are antithetical to what it means to be American.

All of these things we need to stop immediately, as in yesterday!

Below is an example of a US tracking system being used since 9/11, the Secondary Security Screening System, or SSSS designation.

An airline boarding pass for Naomi Wolf, with the SSSS designation.

The airlines don't want people to know about SSSS. They have told people it is a "random occurrence"... once in a lifetime, if even that.

For those that travel often, it soon becomes glaringly apparent that this was not a casual, random TSA security search.

One other quick thought... if this is their secondary surveillance system, which one is their primary US surveillance system?

How governments keep their lists on the people. (Full movie at ATN)

I found out in 2007 that I was on the list. I was put there for writing about the cover up of  9/11 since 2001.  (Please see: A September Coup)

How long I have been on this list, I can only speculate on, however, it's reasonably safe to say, it was probably shortly after I first started writing about 9/11, back in late 2001.

Here is one of my last two airline boarding passes with the SSSS designation. The airline even circled it in red, so that it would not be missed. (see below)

[FYI: Once discovered, this system has since been replaced with a newer, more covert tracking & surveillance designation.]
Having this SSSS mark meant a very exhaustive search of all my belongings, far worse than your standard TSA search. Both times this happened, I nearly missed my connecting flights.

This happened in 2007 and 2008. I quit rewarding the airlines after that when I stopped flying altogether. I wish more people would do the same... and make the airlines feel the pain of their poor decision to participate.

So, I got to thinking... if they are actually going to keep lists on us... perhaps we had best be keeping a list on them.

 My SSSS ticket designation.


We need to keep a list of all of the traitors who have sold this country up the river, exploiting it for their own personal profit and private power control.

And so, with the aforementioned thought in mind, here is an ongoing list of those who have harmed the US and need some scrutiny of their own.

The List: (Those Who Truly Need To Be Scrutinized)

A list of elected servants, appointed officials and the ultra-rich who have betrayed the American people through treason.

David Rockefeller ... Federal Reserve cartel, new world order coup, etc.

Jay Rockefeller ... Rockefeller family accessory, new world order coup

George HW Bush ... Iraq War, Iran-Contra, October Surprise, 9/11 attacks, NWO

George W Bush ... 9/11, War On Terror, Katrina, Afghanistan, Iraq, NAU,  CAFTA

Jeb Bush ... PNAC, association with 9/11 attacks

Marvin Bush ... association with 9/11 attacks

Dick Cheney ... PNAC, 9/11 attacks, Katrina response, Afghanistan & Iraq wars

Henry Kissinger ... new world order crimes against humanity

Zbigniew Brzezinski ... new world order crimes against humanity

Bill Clinton ... 1993 WTC bombing, Waco, OKC bombing, Glass-Steagall, NAFTA

Hillary Clinton ... Benghazi attacks

Milton Friedman ... economist behind bad Western capitalism (deceased)

Alan Greenspan ... Federal Reserve crimes against the US

Hank Paulson ... Federal Reserve crimes against the US

Ben Bernanke ... Federal Reserve crimes against the US

Tim Geithner ... Federal Reserve crimes against the US

Paul Wolfowitz ... PNAC, 9/11 attacks, Afghanistan & Iraq wars

Donald Rumsfeld ... PNAC, 9/11 attacks, Afghanistan & Iraq wars

General Richard Myers ... Failure to muster a US air defense on 9/11

Condoleeza Rice ... 9/11 attacks, Afghanistan & Iraq wars

Karl Rove  ... accessory to Bush-Cheney crimes

Rudy Giuliani ... 9/11 attacks, anthrax attack foreknowledge

James Baker ... new world order cabal

Frank Carlucci ... new world order cabal

Barak Obama ... Libya attack, NDAA 2012, NDRP, SIP, FEMA COG, etc.

Joe Biden ... Libya attack, NDAA 2012, NDRP, SIP, FEMA COG, etc.

Rahm Emmanuel ... Accessory to Obama-Biden crimes

Diane Feinstein ... for repeated attempts to kill the 2nd amendment

Janet Napolitano ...sanctioning of DHS domestic terrorism

Larry Silverstein ... foreknowledge of 9/11 attacks and huge insurance payout

Arnold Schwarzenegger ... California Enron energy scandal

Ed Mease ... failure to prosecute crimes of state

Dick Thornburgh ... failure to prosecute crimes of state

William Barr ... failure to prosecute crimes of state

Janet Reno ... Waco, Ruby Ridge, OKC cover-ups

John Ashcroft ... failure to prosecute 9/11 criminals

Alberto Gonzales ... failure to prosecute crimes of state

Michael Mukasey ... failure to prosecute crimes of state

Eric Holder ... failure to prosecute crimes of state

John Yoo ... wrote US torture guidelines (severe pain & suffering must be inflicted)

Viet Dihn ... wrote the P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act

Bill Gates ... eugenics, population control, giving gov. Windows back-door key

George Tenet ... former head of CIA (Criminal Intelligence Agency)

Tom Ridge ... 1st DHS Director, terrorized nation with color warning system

Michael Chertoff ... TSA body scanners, 2nd DHS Director, co-author Patriot Act

Newt Gingrich ... Republican Contract With America became Contract On America

Thomas Donnelly ... PNAC, wrote "Rebuilding America's Defenses"

Richard Perle ... PNAC, wrote Israel's "Clean Break" policy

Philip Zelikow ... PNAC, headed and controlled the 9/11 Commission

Dan Quayle ... PNAC, Cerberus CM (gun manufacturer and grocery store buy up)

Eliot A. Cohen ... PNAC

William Kristol ... PNAC

Bill Bennett ... PNAC

Robert B. Zoellick ... PNAC

Peter W. Rodman ... PNAC

I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby ... PNAC

Elliott Abrams ... PNAC

Richard Armitage ... PNAC

John R. Bolton ... PNAC

ALL members of the PNAC, the Project for a New American Century (now FPI)

And finally... ALL members of the corporate media holding CFR membership.

This is but a partial list for now. This list will be updated.


Know Where Real Domestic Terrorism Comes From

It's fairly obvious to a great many, who the guilty are in this world. It's high time that these treasonous individuals are finally held accountable for their crimes in a "just" court of law.

Their crimes are epic in evil. Their sins against society are immoral, heinous and despicable. It's time for people the world over to wake up and recognize these societal parasites for their cold indifference to humanity, if not their absolute utter contempt for it.

What are these people doing to make society more open and free, versus - creating orchestrated mayhem and chaos, while profiting enormously?

The answer is obvious folks, if you look at the facts.

Al Qaeda did not steal your freedom and liberty.

The Taliban did not curtail your Constitutional rights.

ISIS is not the one reading your email and listening to your calls.

Your politicians and their ultra-wealthy puppet masters did this to you.

Their names are on the documents that they signed - but never read: the Patriot Act, the Military Commissions Act, NDAA 2012, the NDRP, etc, etc, etc.

Know where the real domestic terrorism comes from.

This article is somewhat revised from its original, posted at Mad As Hell Radio Show

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