Larry Silverstein and 9/11

DOJ Ignores Damning Slips of the Tongue

How Does the DOJ Continue to Ignore 9/11 and Larry Silverstein, and a do it With a Straight Face?
Two Public Admissions That Fail to Raise the Slightest Curiosity

NewsFocus, by Tim Watts - 061216

How is it that no one has investigated 9/11 on just Larry Silverstein alone?

The guy that bought the World Trade Center just six months prior to 9/11, had it heavily insured for terrorist attacks and consequently made over $4-billion in profit, then publicly admitted he had building 7 pulled "after such terrible loss of life."

He originally created much controversy with that single statement. He then tried to somewhat recant his admission by saying that what he actually meant was to have the firefighters pulled from the building.

The only problem is, firefighters were never sent en masse to fight fire at building 7.

Oops.. faux pas numero uno. Stepping in kaka-pile number one.

Silverstein then apparently slipped badly once again, this time while giving a speech to a pro-Israel group in 2014. He was nonchalantly talking about the reconstruction of building 7, recounting the chronological process of the rebuild, when he stated that the plans for the new building 7 were drawn up in April of 2000.

He does not think twice when he says this. It is very deliberate and matter of fact.

Clearly, he was not thinking, because building 7 was the newer of the WTC buildings, completed in 1987. Since it did not have the asbestos contamination that towers 1 & 2  had, there was clearly no reason to think about building a new building 7 until after 9/11.

Faux pas dos! This is seriously stepping into kaka-pile number two.

And yet to this day, no one has said anything about these damning admissions from the leaseholder of these now destroyed buildings.

I have said it often, many times before, that beyond trying to make Saudi Arabia the scapegoat for 9/11, I eventually see good ol' Larry becoming "Lee Harvey" Silverstein, as in the perfect patsy - just in case.

He literally makes it too easy for them with admissions such as these...

Below is the first bombshell admission that Larry had to seriously do some heavy back-peddling on...

To this day, surprisingly... stunningly, no one at DOJ has anything to say.

In closing, I suppose the only thing you can say  is, "birds of a feather..."

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