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The Bizarre Sudden Death of MO Auditor Tom Schweich


Former Missouri State Auditor Tom Schweich (R)

Was Schweich Given An SSRI "Mickey" To Induce Suicide?
It's Highly Plausible: The Common Side Effect of SSRI Drugs Is Suicide
NewsFocus.org, Op-Ed by Tim Watts - 030615

The newest information in the death of Tom Schweich is undeniably a horse of a different color, the late revelation that he actually shot himself. This is now a whole different story with wholly new concerns to consider.

The first question out of the box would be, why was this information not presented eight days ago, in such a high-profile case?

The story reports that this critical new information was released on Thursday, as in March 5. That's exactly eight days later.

That's well over a week since this whole thing began, because Schweich died on February 26.

Wouldn't you think this information would have come forth sooner?

Think about that.

They've already buried the poor guy, and now suddenly this new blockbuster key information pops out two days after the funeral?

This was never reported in the Clayton police press conference.

Shouldn't this news have been reported on the very first day?

Even with the admission of this newest testimony, none of this story still makes any sense yet.

Keep in mind, the main story here has always been about a very strong, morally upright political figure, suddenly falling to pieces over innocuous rumors of him being Jewish.

A sudden suicide from a rational man who had just called a press conference is still very bizarre behavior, to say the very least.

It's not like he was accused of pedophilia or rape or murder.

That charge, for all intents and purposes, in the grand scheme of things, was more than likely meaningless, due to its baseless foundation and the contrast with Schweich's immense popularity and strong backing.

So even with this new information (eight days late) nothing adds up. None of this story makes any sense at all. Everything is totally out of character for Schweich's final demeanor, and that is the trail that needs to be investigated.

The next thing to question would be the "physical illness" that Schweich was feeling that night, along with the reported agitation.

Was it truly just normal anxiety, or is it possible that Schweich was slipped a "Mickey Finn," something to make him act irrationally?

There are many drugs that can induce irrational, neurotic behavior. How many drugs do we see advertised on nightly television that carry the risk of suicide?

The next thought would be... was he taking any prescription SSRI drugs, such as Prozac, Paxil, or Zoloft, etc?

Were any drugs found in Schweich's autopsy?

I have been perusing the news for eight days now, waiting for any word on that official autopsy, which was reportedly performed the very next day, Friday (Feb 27). To this date, nothing has been revealed to the press.

At this point of the story, that autopsy is really going to be key now.

All in all, this is one of the strangest stories I have heard about in US politics for many, many years, and that's saying a lot.

So faint doorbell in the audio tape or not, you have to ask why a man that was described by many to be a very composed rational person, would take his life in such an impetuous, irrational fashion.

Despite the late arrival of this latest bombshell revelation, there is still a story to be looked into here. Irrational behavior from a highly rational person is something that cannot be dismissed out of hand.

The death of Tom Schweich makes absolutely no sense at all, until you start to consider the possibility of foul play.

Some may say that it's absurd to suggest foul play, but others would say just as loudly, it's even more absurd to suggest that foul play isn't a possibility, considering the unexplainable fact that Schweich would suddenly lose his mind over such a minor, petty accusation.

The elephant in the room is that Schweich had thrown down the gauntlet to many in announcing his anti-corruption campaign and candidacy for Missouri Governor. That fact can't be dismissed out of hand so easily, yet it's not even being considered by many.

In light of all the criminals within the Missouri political scene that were threatened by his gubernatorial candidacy, the fact that Schweich went out of character and killed himself in a sudden irrational fashion needs to be investigated.

The possibility of a drug interaction is now the next avenue of investigation. If indeed Schweich was given a psychotropic drug, one would think the culprits would try to cover their tracks with the coroner's report. We've seen coroner reports come back goofy before, for bigger cases than a state auditor's death.

Arguably the most prominent case in US history would have to be the murder of President John F. Kennedy? Many have suspected a huge cover-up in that autopsy for over 50 years now, with credible proof to challenge the official record.

So the autopsy is the key.

The big question is, will we ever see it, and without any tampering?

Sadly, this whole thing very well may be the ushering in of a new intelligence agency assassination model - and don't discount the thought so quickly.

Less informed people might readily say that's absurd to consider, but that's exactly the point many are trying to make about a rational man suddenly becoming irrational and taking his own life, with so much at stake.

With that last thought in mind, the sudden death of Tom Schweich just makes no sense. Many feel there is still much more to this story than meets the eye. NewsFocus will continue to investigate. Stay tuned folks, because this one isn't over yet. More to come.

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