The NY 9/11 Lottery

The One Year Anniversary of 9/11 and the NY Lottery Coming Up As 9-1-1

NEW YORK 9/11/02 LOTTERY... It's  9 1 1  !
In what is being called "a remarkable coincidence," the winning numbers for the New York lottery on the one year anniversary of September 11th were 9-1-1!

An act of God or of man? Try to figure the mathematical odds. The following story from ABC News claims to do just that, although somewhat conservatively.

Figuring the odds of New York's 9-11 Lottery

But the odds don't just stop there at 911...
Find out about the eerie closeness of the second set of lottery numbers- ONE digit off the known 9/11 death toll at the time, 3165 vs 3166!

Was 9-1-1 the only lottery coincidence?


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