The Muslim Lie

Government And Media Foment Grand Deception

Muslims Are Not The Issue In This World!

An Entire Community of People Ostracized, Lumped Into One Hate Group, Op-Ed by Tim Watts - 031611

If there is one thing that I loathe, it's the hate that came forth from the evil Bush-Cheney administration regarding Muslims and Hispanics. Nothing was said about these two groups, until the Bush-Cheney "fear machine" set upon us all. Goebbels would be so damn proud, because those two dumb-asses were able to convince the rest of America that these two groups of people were "evil-doers." I cannot even say that intellectually deficient phrase without laughing, but I also cannot get past the remorse I feel over those who bought that ridiculous, asinine lie.

Is this really the America we stand for now? We are, have been, and always will be a "melting pot" in this country. It is one of the single best things that has made this country great, that we can have multiple cultures existing peacefully together. It has undeniably made us a great nation. At least, we were at one time.

How about a reality check folks. Unless you're a descendant from the native American Indians, we are all descended from immigrants. We slaughtered the real Americans when we stole this land from not only them, but the Mexicans as well. Learn history.

First and foremost, study the religion of Islam. Muslims are arguably the most devout God worshipping people on the face of the earth. Jews may think they have that market cornered, but they are merely a close second, for no group as a whole is as religious as Muslims. They are on their knees praying more times in a day than anyone, all the while overly pious Americans sit on their fat asses and worship the almighty tube and the dollar.

What is it folks? Is it because they call their God Allah, is that what scares you so much? If that's the case, you must have issues with those that say Jesus was God, or those that use YHWH, YHVH (Yahweh) or JHVH (Jehova.) Most of American idiots think His name is "God," and that shows their true ignorance. God is a "title," period. Argue all you want, but when you call on "God" you may as well be praying to Tupperware.

Get your facts straight if you're going to buy into the hate crimes.

We as a people claim to despise those that lump entire races together as evil, and yet most of you have been suckered right into the ruse. Those with all the money and power in this world are indeed the true evil. They are responsible for all the wars, and for fomenting division among nations. They are the ones that need to keep the people in control through fear. They want you to be scared, because they need you to be scared. They understand that unless there is an enemy to be feared, they lose much of their power and control over you. When you buy into the hate that they propagate, you buy into their evil plan for control of us all.

And just how religious can you be when you openly hate someone else, for no reason whatsoever, other than because some dumb-ass, bought-and-paid for politician, or TV pundit told you so? How much do you personally know about Muslims or the religion of Islam? From the discourse that has arisen in America, apparently nothing!

You are being coerced into hate crimes, and most people ignorantly go right along and comply with the lie. We claim it's "anti-Semitic" to bash Jews, yet we arrogantly think we have the free right to unload our personal ignorance and hate onto Muslims, all because of their religion. How patently absurd and morally disgraceful.

You can't be too devout or religious if you are willing to openly follow the word of man, versus that of the printed bible, a book that so many claim to revere and follow. What ever happened to "love one another?"

Whatever name you call your God by, make no mistake about it, he/she is ashamed of you. Count on that. However you regard Jesus (Yeshua), he too is no doubt repulsed by your ignorance and inability to understand what he tried so hard to teach us all.

If you want to think that Muslims are bad people, or Hispanics for that matter, then I would offer that you are the real evil in this world, for you sew a discourse that is unfounded in fact and rooted in nothing more than blind ignorance and pure hate.

Wake up America. Pull your collective heads out of your ass and get your facts straight when it comes to the real evil in this world, bad people of any nationality who would discriminate against others.

And for those that do truly hate America, maybe for once try to understand their position and learn about the tyranny that has been imposed upon their countries and people, all in the name of the almighty dollar and "American interests." We are arguably the most oppressive empire the world has ever known. (Thank you CIA.)

Again, learn history and understand that we are just as much the terrorists as anyone else in this world. Those who deny this, without first looking into the facts, are sorely and tragically mistaken.

Muslims did not attack us on 9/11. They did not start the Iraq war for no reason whatsoever, on a bald-faced lie. They have not persecuted millions around the world for the sake of capitalism and the almighty dollar.

The real reason that they have been vilified is because the ultra-wealthy bankers that rule this world are going after the middle east for their resources. Muslims are forbidden from charging interest in their banking practices. (Yes, they do have a heart, unlike the greedy bastards that have enslaved us all.) THAT is the main reason they have become scapegoats, because they refuse to play ball with the international bankers, and that pisses the Rothschilds off. The IMF wants to control the money supply in the middle east. It's as simple as that.

Have you ever stopped to notice that those countries being touted as the "Axis of Evil" are not part of the international banking cartel and the central banking system?

If you want to know who kills elected leaders, has started all of the wars, and who really was behind 9/11, look to the obscenely wealthy international banking cartel. They have all the money and control our bought-and-paid-for politicians, the intelligence community and the military industrial complex. They are the only ones with the true power to wreak havoc on this earth. The real terrorism starts with the World Bank and the international banking cartel.

Know who the real evil is, or as one of the most ignorant men on the face of the earth likes to say, "Then shut up!" (Thank you Bill O'Reilly.)

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