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The Last Two Honest US Presidents
They Actually Cared Enough to Try and Warn 'We the People', Op-Ed by Tim Watts - May 4, 2020

1961: Two Dire Presidential Warnings - Only 100 Days Apart

Honesty is a subjective political topic, but these two men exceeded where others failed miserably.

As someone who was born in the United States and has lived 60+ years here, I can say with conviction that the last two decent human beings to serve as US President were John F Kennedy and Dwight D. Eisenhower. (IMHO) I shall explain why in just a moment.

I will say first off, it is heartening in this day and age of politically blind partisanship that we at least have one representative from each political party. God help me if I named two from one party and not the other, because politics today do not serve our country, they serve the party. It has been this way for some time, by design, but it has never been so prevalent as it is today.

Politics have now divided the US like never before. Both the Democrat and Republican parties have fomented hatred for the other on historic levels, very much similar to the last engineered divide we had in this country, between Yankees and Confederates.

The Republican vs. Democrat mentality now divides us. The vitriol that exists today among Democrats and Republicans is waaaay out of line - once again - by historic proportions. 

Most don't know, but some do, that the major two political parties (and our media) were infiltrated and taken over long ago by the CFR, an institution that is literally the poster-child epitome of Kennedy's national warning to all. (Do a little digging into this group and be intrigued, as well as its overseas kissing cousin, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, RIIA.)

As such, the two primary US political parties have become (unknowingly for many) the Achilles' heal of the US, and they are undeniably not our strength because they no longer serve the best interest of our country or "we the people." They undeniably serve the best interest of the party, and most especially, those who control them. Those that miss this are more than likely still politically asleep and/or perhaps already deeply entrenched in either party .

What many don't understand is that the views held popular today over most social issues were fomented and deliberately engineered to specifically create a divide among us. The obvious reason being, it's simply much easier to control 320-million people if you can divide them into two competing factions.

Check and checkmate.

There were two presidents, however, Eisenhower and Kennedy, who each had the integrity to say something about where society was going in the very early 60s. The ironic thing is, both gave their speeches only 100 days apart, just a little over three months time, yet there was no connection made by the American press to the warning speeches from both Eisenhower and Kennedy at that time.

That is very odd indeed. If anything, it is a most glaring and damning testament to the extent of news control in the early 60s.

Of note...

Eisenhower was a five-star general, as well as a US President, so the fact that he, of all people, was warning Americans about an overreach of the military establishment should have been of epic concern to someone in the press. Watch the video and notice the nervousness that Eisenhower seems to show as he speaks. His eyes dart left and right of the television camera, as if he is concerned about possibly being interrupted. The speech is now historic and has been championed for years by the antiwar movement, but was largely ignored by the greater American press.

The Kennedy speech was also quite extraordinary, in more ways than one. First and foremost being the fact that it followed Ike's speech by only 100 days. The second point being that Kennedy strategically targeted a specific audience for his speech, the American Newspaper Publishers Association at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York City.

Note: Kennedy is reported to also have made a speech about Cuba to the American Society of Newspaper Editors just one week earlier, on April 20, 1961.

Kennedy was very direct in talking about the threat of secret societies operating behind the scenes and he was also direct in asking for help from the American press. Unfortunately it never came, as Kennedy was murdered in broad daylight just two years later, November 22, 1963.

We have arguably not had a President from either party since who has been directly honest with the American people. Some might myopically point to Ronald Reagan, but they would be tragically remiss in recognizing his connection to Bohemian Grove, the Iran-Contra affair, as well as the Franklin cover-up, the latter involving pedophilia in the White House during his administration. Others might naively point to Barack Obama, but they too would be missing all that he did to further the goals of the uber-wealthy during his administration.

And please, don't anyone dare mention either Bush or Clinton. For a great many Americans, these two political families were arguably the absolute very worst of all. Many would like to see them tried and imprisoned for treason.

The fact is, since 9/11, there has been no change in policy, from a Republican administration to a Democrat administration. There has only been a continual erosion of rights for the lower and middle classes, while the upper class has had the privileges of life extended further, with tax break after tax break, from both political parties.

In lock-step, television news has been blurred far beyond the reporting of actual necessary information, into nothing more than an entertainment and disinformation medium. It is all about news control these days. They would rather have you talking about celebrity news or some daily societal trauma, instead of what is actually going on behind the scenes to take over the world.

We are indeed in very hard times.

If you ever want to juxtapose today with yesterday, just look back to a day when our presidents were honest and not part of the plan for a new world order (run by the uber-wealthy). Look no further than 1961, because at that time we had two men, both from opposing political parties, who recognized that something was terribly wrong in the US.

Let it be noted for the record, we have had TWO United States presidents who tried to tell us the truth - 100 days apart from each other - yet we have not had one single president since who has truly leveled with the American people like Eisenhower and Kennedy did.

Once again, thank God that Eisenhower and Kennedy were from opposing parties, if only to show that truth should not be partisan, as FOX News or MSNBC might have you think.

Sadly enough, this is not at all the world in which we live today.

As history painfully reminds us...

Richard Nixon told us, "I'm no crook."

George HW Bush said, "Read my lips, no new taxes."

Bill Clinton told us, "I did not have sexual relations with that woman."

We could go on and on all day about US presidents since Ike and JFK. The fact of the matter is, we have had none like them ever since.

If only we had a US president willing to admit what we the people can already see.

A great many Americans feel that this country died at Dealey Plaza in 1963. I would be hard pressed to offer a contrarian argument to that opinion.

The bottom line is, there is still hope for America, if we can return to a time when our presidents actually thought about we the people first, instead of their political party or the overly wealthy new world order powers that be.

We the people anxiously await another such a leader, like Ike or JFK. Give us another president with the integrity to tell us the honest truth.

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