Kennedy 'Peace' Message Receives New Life

Immortalizing One of History's Best Ever Speeches On Peace

You Give Me Fever - JFK (Remix)

President Kennedy's Speech on Peace
An Effort to Keep One of History's Most Important Messages Alive
NewsFocus, by Tim Watts 061216

This is a project born of one idea, to reintroduce and perpetuate one of the single most important messages ever delivered by a world leader, President John F. Kennedy's speech on peace, at a time when the world appears to need it the most.

This speech is outstanding in its simple yet beautiful wording and content. Absolutely one of the best speeches ever given by any president, delivered at American University, June 10, 1963.

Next to Kennedy's secret societies speech, this oratory is arguably the most important message ever delivered by Kennedy. It is a message that sorely needs to be heard again in the post-9/11 world.

It was with this thought in mind that an attempt should be made to try and contemporize this profound speech for a whole new generation.

The trick would not only be to bring the message up to date, but also to edit the :27 minute speech down to a reasonable length that could be easily listened to.

Given that the old cold war was a primary component of the speech, this seemed the likely spot to begin editing, considering that the general scope of its content was more about the concept of peace itself, than it was about just getting along with the Soviet Union.

So, in the interest of brevity, and with creative license in hand, the Russian aspect was thus dropped, in favor of promoting the overall message of peace itself.

A driving music soundtrack was needed to give the new production some vibrant energy. The piece chosen is called "Fever", from Sarah Vaughan and Adam Freeland, distributed by Universal Music Group International.

Remixed at Studio B in Minnesota, the new production is aimed at a younger demographic, in the hopes of influencing a new generation to the wisdom of the one US president that the powers that be tried to silence.

It is hoped that the new remix will help keep this important message alive.

This speech was Kennedy at his absolute finest. Please listen closely to the very concise and deliberate wording. It is a carefully crafted and beautiful oration that will stand for all time.

In particular, of all the powerful things said in this speech, Kennedy reiterates only one thing... he repeats his conviction to "continue" fighting for peace, something the military industrial complex surely didn't want to hear about. (See National Security Memorandum 263)

The bottom line in this project is this... if Kennedy was killed for speeches like this, then it's up to us to resurrect that message - to keep it alive, and to perpetuate it forevermore, as a hope for all mankind.

(And if for anything else, just to piss off those who killed Kennedy for having the conviction to deliver a message such as this.)

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