Deep Security in the US

A Look at a Little Known US Government Agency

What is the Interagency Security Committee?
Interesting Motto is, "One Source, One Authority", by Tim Watts - 071416

I came across something new, as usually is the case while doing research. I ran across a government security agency that I had never heard of before, the Interagency Security Committee.

Formed under the Clinton administration in 1995, this agency coordinates security among non-military Federal offices, essentially a secret security force to protect the Federal government, most specifically attacks on Federal buildings.

The thing most interesting about this agency is that it was created during the police-state build-up of the George HW Bush and Clinton administrations, at a time when violent crime was dropping dramatically in the US.

Allegedly formed as a response to the Oklahoma City bombing of the federal Murrah building, the agency's true nature is perhaps much deeper, given the overwhelming body of evidence that government psy-ops were actually at play on that fateful day. ATF agents were given warning not to come into work that day, but no warning was given to the children's nursery in the same building. (See: A Noble Lie  |  Official website | Gen. Ben Partin testimony)

So if they knew about Oklahoma City in advance, that would more than likely mean that there is perhaps a more diabolical use for this agency.

Perhaps most intriguing of all is the Orwellian motto of the agency, "One source, one authority."

Since 9/11, this agency now falls under the Department of Homeland Security.

Just for the record, given that tons of government records were stored within the World Trade Center, it would appear that the ISC is pretty useless when it comes to stopping a government black-ops attack. (Like the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, where the FBI provided an actual bomb, rather than a decoy.

See also former FBI Director Ted Gunderson's statements on this.)

So the existence of this agency is certainly suspicious, given its numerous glaring failures on 9/11.

Just one more government security entity to be aware of.

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