Iraq To Sue US And Britain Over Depleted Uranium


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Iraq To Sue US, Britain Over Depleted Uranium
America's Greatest War Crime That Will Linger A Million Years
February 5, 2010
Iraq’s Ministry for Human Rights will file a lawsuit against the US and UK over their use of depleted uranium bombs, an Iraqi minister says. Iraq’s Minister of Human Rights, Wijdan Mikhail Salim, told Assabah newspaper that the suit will be based on reports from the Iraqi ministries of science and the environment finding an increase in the number of babies born with defects in the countries’ southern provinces. The US and UK are said to have dropped nearly 2,000 tons of depleted uranium bombs following the 2003 invasion. ...

NewsFocus: This is arguably Americas greatest international shame. We've overthrown democratically elected government's for our own benefit, but this is an atrocity that any moral country with a conscience should have known better about. Absolutely shameful. Americans need to demand accountability from our government.

U.S. Indicts Five Ex-Blackwater Officials
New York Times, by James Risen and Mark Mazzetti - 041610

Federal prosecutors charged the former president of Blackwater Worldwide and four other former senior company officials on Friday with weapons violations and making false statements in the first criminal inquiry to reach into the top management ranks of the private security company.

The executives were some of the closest advisers to Blackwater’s founder, Erik Prince, and helped him steer the company during its swift rise to become the leading contractor providing security for American diplomats in Iraq and Afghanistan, working for the State Department, the C.I.A. and the Pentagon. ...

NewsFocus: Ah, but how about the head of the snake, Erik Prince?

British Inquiry Into Iraq War Turns Toward Bush Administration, by Stephen C. Webster - Sunday, March 21st, 2010 -- 8:16 pm
Senior Bush administration officials, including former President George W. Bush himself, have been asked to give testimony before a British committee investigating the basis for the invasion of Iraq, according to a published report.

Other officials contacted by the panel include former Vice President Dick Cheney, former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and former Bush adviser Stephen Hadley, among others. ...


One Day After 2007 Attack, Witnesses Describe US Killings of Iraqi Civilians

We play never-before-seen eyewitness interviews filmed the day after the attack. ...

Iraq War Vet: We Were Told to Just Shoot People, and the Officers Would Take Care of Us"

"Something else we were encouraged to do, almost with a wink and nudge, was to carry 'drop weapons', or by my third tour, 'drop shovels'. We would carry these weapons or shovels with us because if we accidentally shot a civilian, we could just toss the weapon on the body, and make them look like an insurgent." ...


NewsFocus: This Is An Outrage! Blackwater (CIA) Wins In Court

Blackwater Shooting Charges Dismissed By Federal Judge, b
Obviously, this is going to do wonders for our image in Iraq:

WASHINGTON — In a significant blow to the Justice Department, a federal judge on Thursday threw out the indictment of five former Blackwater security guards over a shooting in Baghdad in 2007 that left 17 Iraqis dead and about 20 wounded.

Iraq criticizes dismissal of charges in Blackwater shootings CNN International
Iraq to sue ex-Blackwater guards CNN International



Erik Prince: Tycoon, Contractor, Soldier, And CIA Spy, By Adam Ciralsky
Erik Prince, recently outed as a participant in a C.I.A. assassination program, has gained notoriety as head of the military-contracting juggernaut Blackwater, a company dogged by a grand-jury investigation, bribery accusations, and the voluntary-manslaughter trial of five ex-employees, set for next month.

Blackwater’s Erik Prince to step down; reveals CIA role - Raw Story

Blackwater founder implicated in murder
Comment: Blackwater could not have been created and given billions of dollars in government contracts without the approval of the Pentagon. Erik Prince (born into a wealthy family and former...
Blackwater Chief is a Super Villian: Ex-Employees
Blackwater still getting federal contracts


Re-Think War



An American soldier speaks out with the truth
From IVAW: U.S Soldiers Are Waking Up!

Spoils of war: Big Oil Jumps for Licenses in Iraq
Foreign oil executives are flocking to Iraq as it prepares to open some of its untapped oil assets to Western oil companies.

Shell wins oil field rights in Iraq



US prison in Iraq a training ground for extremists
Prison was a 'breeding ground' for Al-Qaeda, ex-inmate says, by Daniel Tencer - 121209

Extremists at the US's largest prison in Iraq, shut down this fall, were allowed to give training courses to inmates on how to use explosives and how to become suicide bombers, according to a report at Al-Jazeera English.

Adel Jasim Mohammed, a former inmate at Camp Bucca who spent four years there without ever facing charges, told the news network that "US officials did nothing to stop radicals from indoctrinating young detainees at the camp," AJE reports.


US military suicides reach new high, by By James Cogan 120209
The number of serving American military personnel who took their lives in 2009 has already exceeded last year’s record. These suicides are first of all tragic. Secondly, they indicate the immense psychological harm that the neo-colonial wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have inflicted on members of the armed forces. ...

Soldiers going AWOL for PTSD care

Jon Krakauer: McChrystal's Explanation For Pat Tillman Cover-up Is 'Preposterous' 'Not Believable', b
David Gregory talks to author Jon Krakauer about his new book 'Where Men Win Glory' and Gen. McChrystal's part in the cover up of Pat Tillman's death. ...
Why I Threw the Shoe, By Muntazer al-Zaidi
I am no hero. I just acted as an Iraqi who witnessed the pain and bloodshed of too many innocents.
Networks Used Retired Generals With Ties To Iraq War Beneficiaries; Story Kept Secret From Public
The Pulitzer-winning investigation that dare not be uttered on TV, Glenn Greenwald - Tuesday April 21, 2009
The New York Times
' David Barstow won a richly deserved Pulitzer Prize yesterday for two articles that, despite being featured as major news stories on the front page of The Paper of Record, were completely suppressed by virtually every network and cable news show, which to this day have never informed their viewers about what Barstow uncovered.  Here is how the Pulitzer Committee described Barstow's exposés:

Awarded to David Barstow of The New York Times for his tenacious reporting that revealed how some retired generals, working as radio and television analysts, had been co-opted by the Pentagon to make its case for the war in Iraq, and how many of them also had undisclosed ties to companies that benefited from policies they defended.

(Read full article at


N3twork: Terror War - Expenditures

A breakdown on the misuse of taxpayer money.

N3twork: Terror War  - Foreign Policy

Could it be that our foreign policy decisions are determined by the most powerful corporations on the planet?

The Hidden Cost of the Iraq War

An interesting Look at The High Cost of War

Americans Believe Iraq Tied To 9/11


14 US Military Bases Under Construction In Iraq
No sovereign Iraqi government has approved the construction of these bases. Kimmitt - the No 2 Pentagon man in Iraq, and the one who launched total war on ...
14 `enduring bases' set in Iraq

$1.1 billion for new military construction in Iraq - PR Newswire
NEWSWEEK: Balad Air Base in Iraq Evidence That U.S. Planning to Stay For a ... has asked for more than $1.1 billion for new military construction in Iraq, ...

Digging In
Mother Jones
Does the Department of Defense have a bigger agenda in Iraq? Brig. General Robert Pollman, chief engineer of base construction in Iraq, caused a stir—and ...

Iraq, Afghan Commitments Fuel U.S. Air Base Construction ...
World news headlines from the Washington Post, including international news and opinion from Africa, North/South America, Asia, Europe and Middle East.

The Worldwide Network of US Military Bases
Jul 1, 2007 ... In a second section of this article, Worldwide popular resistance movements directed against US military bases and their various projects ...

Major Military Bases World-Wide
Major Military Bases World-Wide .... Navy, USA, Naval Base Point Loma. Navy, USA
, Naval Postgraduate School. Navy, USA, Naval Shipyard Portsmouth ...

America's Empire of Bases
Jan 15, 2004 ... The first post-Soviet-era Russian airbase in Kyrgyzstan has just been completed forty miles from the U.S. base at Bishkek, and in December ...

Global Impact: The Rise of U.S. Military Bases Worldwide
The onset of the War on Terror saw a slew of U.S. bases going up worldwide, especially in Asia and Africa. The war in Afghanistan saw an American rush to ...

US, UK Troops to Begin Iraq Pullout by September
12,000 US Troops Said To Leave In The Fall
The Associated Press - ‎2 hours ago‎ 030809
US officials say 12000 American troops will leave Iraq by September along with another 4000 British troops. As part of the drawdown, the US is handing over 74 facilities and areas under its control to the Iraqis by the end of March. ...

Us To Withdraw 12,000 Troops By September

Obama to make good on campaign promise to end Iraq war.

Out of Iraq by 2012: Obama - By Steven Edwards, Canwest News ServiceFebruary 28, 2009
Almost six years after the US-led invasion of Iraq to topple Saddam Hussein, President Barack Obama announced America's military withdrawal from the country, saying "combat" troops would be out ...

AUDITOR: $3-5 BILLION IN IRAQ AID WASTED SINCE 2003 - Wednesday March 25, 2009
The United States risks repeating the same mistakes in Afghanistan that have led to billions of dollars being squandered in Iraq on its reconstruction, US auditors warned Wednesday. ...

Countdown Aug 4 - Blackwater Murdering Innocent Iraqis for Sport
Note: Blackwater changed its name to EX to duck bad publicity.

In Explosive Allegations, Ex-Employees Link Blackwater Founder to Murder, Threats

Finally: Pentagon To Allow Coverage of War Coffins
Obama Administration Will Do What The Bush Administration Wouldn't Do, Honor Our War Dead In The Media
CNN - ‎1 hour ago‎ 022609
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The Pentagon will lift its longtime ban on media coverage of the flag-draped coffins of war victims arriving at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware, according to a senior US defense official with direct knowledge of the decision.
Officials: Pentagon OKs media photos of war dead The Associated Press

War Dead To Finally Be Recognized In The Media

The original decision to not show our war dead coming home was from Bush.

A 'Fraud' Bigger Than The Madoff Scandal
Senior US soldiers investigated over missing Iraq reconstruction billions
Independent, UK, By Patrick Cockburn in Sulaimaniyah, Northern Iraq - Feb 15, 2009
In what could turn out to be the greatest fraud in US history, American authorities have started to investigate the alleged role of senior military officers in the misuse of $125bn (£88bn) in a US -directed effort to reconstruct Iraq after the fall of Saddam Hussein. The exact sum missing may never be clear, but a report by the US Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction (SIGIR) suggests it may exceed $50bn, making it an even bigger theft than Bernard Madoff's notorious Ponzi scheme.
Senior officers drawn into Iraq contracting probe Atlanta Journal Constitution
Senior US officers investigated in Iraq graft case International Herald Tribune

US Military Officers Targeted In Iraq Corruption Probe, United Kingdom - Feb 15, 2009
Senior US military officers are being investigated in a federal corruption probe into a $125 billion reconstruction programme for Iraq. ...

Iraqi says he threw shoes at Bush to protest war
The Associated Press - 39 minutes ago 021909
BAGHDAD (AP) - The Iraqi journalist who threw his shoes at former President George W. Bush failed to apologize as his trial began Thursday, and instead appealed defiantly to the pride of his war-ravaged country.
Iraqi Defends Shoe-Throwing Incident Washington Post

This Guy Needs To Be Set Free

The world stands behind this brave valiant protestor.

US to decide in weeks, "not months" on Iraq troop cuts
Reuters - 14 hours ago 021809
WASHINGTON, Feb 17 (Reuters) - US President Barack Obama will make a decision in weeks, not "days or months," on cutting US troop levels in Iraq, ...
Did KBR Knowingly Expose Iraq Troops to Toxins?
This just in from Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, IAVA
January 8, 2008
This week reports surfaced that KBR, a military-contracting firm, may have knowingly exposed troops to dangerous toxins in Iraq. Today, I am asking you to take a stand with IAVA, and call for accountability.

In April of 2003, members of the Indiana National Guard were protecting KBR employees at a power plant in Southern Iraq. After their service, some of these troops exhibited signs of cancer, tumors and rashes, and new reports indicate that these injuries may be the result of exposure to toxins present at the site.

Incredibly, CBS News has uncovered evidence that KBR may have known about the risks months before it took any action to inform those soldiers.

Suicides rise with time spent in combat

Panel: Congress was misled on Iraq uranium issue
House panel: Former White House counsel misled Congress on Iraq uranium claims in 2002

Iraq story buried by US networks
Major networks spend only 2 minutes per week on Iraq war coverage

They Lied About Iraq in 2003, and They're Still Lying Now
Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, Monday, December 22

Arrests in Iraq Seen as Politically Motivated
Government Offers Contradictory Explanations for Interior Ministry Detentions

Fact or fiction? Shoe-thrower sorry for 'ugly act'
Dhargham al-Zaidi, the journalist's brother, questioned whether the statement was genuine.

U.S. troops kill three sleeping Iraqi guards
Trade Minister Abdulfalah al-Soodani has asked the troops for a formal apology and compensation. “The minister (Soodani) denounces and condemns the incident which has lead to the killing of three guards while they were asleep,” the statement said.

Iraq parliament passes landmark US security pact
Reuters - 112608
BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Iraq's parliament passed a law approving a controversial security pact with Washington on Thursday, paving the way for a US troop ...

Iraq parliament backs US pullout
BBC News, UK - Nov 27, 2008
The decision means US troops will leave Iraqi streets by the middle of next year and will leave Iraq entirely by the end of 2011. ...

Iraq says critics can wait to judge US over pact
Reuters - 16 hours ago
By Mohammed Abbas BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Iraq's government tried to quell criticism on Sunday of a security pact which sets deadlines for US military ...
Tortured by What I Saw
Washington Post

UN contractors killed in Iraq
BBC News, UK - Nov 29, 2008
The victims worked for a catering company contracted by the UN Assistance Mission for Iraq, officials say. There have been many such attacks in the past, ...

End of Immunity Worries US Contractors in Iraq
New York Times, United States - 1 hour ago
By JAMES RISEN WASHINGTON — The thousands of American contractors in Iraq who have been above Iraqi law since the war began are suddenly facing a new era in ...

US military deaths in Iraq war at 4206, UK - 2 hours ago
30, 2008, at least 4206 members of the US military have died in the Iraq war since it began in March 2003, according to an Associated Press count. ...

News Video News Video

Iraqis Protest New Iraq-US Agreement

NY Times Spoof On Iraq War End

Bodies, some tortured, found in Iraq graves, police say
CNN International - 11 hours ago
BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) -- Iraqi police recovered at least 38 bodies from a mass grave Saturday and Sunday, and expect to find more as they continue digging, ...
38 bodies found in Iraq mass grave
United Press International

NPR journalists' car bombed in Baghdad
The Associated Press - 6 hours ago
Ivan Watson, a 33 year-old reporter for NPR on temporary assignment in Iraq, said he had gone to interview people in a kebab cafe a few yards from an Iraqi ...

South Korea among countries ending Iraq deployment
International Herald Tribune, France - 2 hours ago
AP BAGHDAD: South Korean troops are leaving Iraq, bringing to an end a mission that focused on rebuilding hospitals, roads and schools but which divided ...

Japan gets order to exit Iraq
The Daily Yomiuri, Japan - Nov 28, 2008
The government on Friday issued an order to withdraw Air Self-Defense Force personnel from their airlift mission in Iraq by the end of the year, ...
Japan To Withdraw Air Defense Force From Iraq RTT News

Soldier suicides: Why so high?

Iraqi doctors come to US for training, fellowship
The Associated Press - 13 hours ago
WASHINGTON (AP) — Being an ear, nose and throat specialist in Iraq doesn't feel so dangerous anymore for Kareem, one of 27 Iraqi medical doctors who spent ...

A Loosely Drawn American Victory
New York Times, United States - Nov 28, 2008
By STEVEN LEE MYERS WASHINGTON — The security agreements between Iraq and the United States mark the beginning of the end of the war. ...

One Man’s Military-Industrial-Media Complex
New York Times, United States - Nov 29, 2008
He sent a personal note and 15-page briefing packet to David H. Petraeus, the commanding general in Iraq, strongly recommending Defense Solutions and its ...
Will networks ignore military analyst report? Politico
The ongoing disgrace of NBC News and Brian Williams Salon

15800 detainees remain in custody in Iraq
United Press International - Nov 29, 2008
29 (UPI) -- More than 17500 detainees have been freed from custody in Iraq this year, leaving about 15800 in custody, US-led coalition forces said Saturday. ...

Iraq lawmakers say will challenge Shell gas deal
Reuters - Nov 25, 2008
By Ahmed Rasheed BAGHDAD, Nov 25 (Reuters) - Iraq's parliamentary oil and gas committee accused the Oil Ministry on Tuesday of handing a monopoly on Iraq's ...
Shell Studies Possible Oil Projects in Iraq, CEO Says (Update1) Bloomberg
Iraqi lawmaker criticizes Shell gas deal The Associated Press
Shell CEO says Iraq gas deal will take time

How to Leave Iraq — Intact
New York Times, United States - Nov 23, 2008
“The fatal mistake the United States made in Iraq,” he told me, “was to empower extreme sectarian political parties. It’s time to give the moderates a voice ...

Rumsfeld's Attempts to Rewrite Himself on the Right Side of ...
AlterNet, CA - Nov 26, 2008
The failed defense secretary pens a historical cover-up on Iraq and reveals more wild stupidity with his advice on Afghanistan. I've been following the wars ...

Military Intelligence — Panel identifies Gulf War syndrome
Frederick News Post (subscription), MD - Nov 19, 2008
Veterans can resubmit missing applications or evidence from this time period and the VA will process the documents as if they were originally submitted on ...


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