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Fact: Gun Control Allows Crime To Rise!
Gun Ownership Proven To Deter Crime And Assault, by Tim Watts - 122012  UPDATED 12/25

The tragedy of the Sandy Hook mass murders is indeed a black event for US history. The senseless murder of innocent children is one of the most aberrant crimes that a society can face. As a result, the US Congress and President Obama are attempting to add a duality to the mayhem by bringing about a ban on guns in the US. The media is gleefully going along with it, with most of them perpetuating the myth that guns makes us unsafe.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Once again the corporate mainstream media is tragically remiss in its reporting. If only they would do their jobs, they might uncover some basic, easy to find facts as to the true statistics about guns in America.

First off, let's get something straight... violent crime and gun violence have been declining in the United States, for twenty years now, even as gun ownership has risen during that time. The biggest topper, the murder rate has dropped well over 60 percent! As a matter of fact, the New York Times reported in 2011 that violent crimes was at a 40 year low. Murders by gun are down for the 5th straight year.

These are astounding figures that our media fails to report.

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Secondly, gun control does NOT stop violence, It is a fact that a complicit US media knows all too well, yet refuses to report. If you want the facts, look to Ireland, a country of roughly 4-million people, but with crime statistics that, per capita, rival those of the US. One can also look no further than our cousins across the pond, to the UK, where guns have already been wrested from the English population, yet violent crimes continue to rise dramatically.

According to Professor John R. Lott, who was interviewed on CNN after the Newtown massacre, "Every place in the world that we have crime data, both before and after a gun ban has gone into effect, every single place has seen an increase in murders after the ban has been put in place. And many times it's been a several-fold or more increase. And there's a simple reason for that, and that is, when you ban guns, it's basically the most-law-abiding citizens who turn in their guns, not the criminals. And rather than making it more difficult for criminals to commit crime, you actually make it easier."

Professor Lott has also offered this key statistic, which the mainstream media has totally ignored... "With just one exception, every public mass shooting in the USA since at least 1950 has taken place where citizens are banned from carrying guns." The killers pick spots with no gun defense.

There are hard facts that prove the case that gun control does NOT deter violent crime. A good case in point would be the Chinese knife attacks which happened on the same day as the Newtown shootings. Guns are banned in China, so as a result, knife attacks are now on the rise. (Pistols and revolvers are allowed for hunting, but only with government permission.)

This in itself is not a surprise, since a University of Chicago study from 1968 points out that a killer will seek any weapon available to carry out their crime. This well documented study found that a person motivated to kill will find a weapon, regardless. To quote the study, "Gun control laws would have no effect if the only intent of killers were to kill." The criminally insane will always find a weapon to carry out their crimes.

Ask yourself why the US media refuses to talk about any of these facts.

They have also seen fit to totally ignore the China knife attacks, also directed at innocent young school children, which took place the same day as the Sandy Hook murders.

You might also inquire why they don't highlight the Clackamas Town Center mall, near Portland, Oregon, where a registered gun owner was able to successfully stop a shooting rampage by drawing his concealed gun on the attacker.

The press might also look into the San Antonio shooting where an off duty deputy was also able to stop another mass murder by shooting the assailant several times.

There is also the case of a policeman who was pinned down behind his car by a crazed man with a rifle, yet an armed citizen came out of his home and shot the madman from over 165 yards with his pistol, dropping him with four shots.

The point here is obvious... an armed citizenry poses a threat to criminals. Taking our guns robs us of our ability to do that.

The other glaring point to note is that the mainstream corporate media refuses to highlight these stories of success, instead choosing to fan the flames of fear, participating in the disinformation, that we need gun control to stop violence in America.

Another question might be, if the Obama administration is so eager to stop gun violence, why were they so negligent in their investigation of the Fast & Furious program, which dumped thousands of guns into Mexico, eventually killing some of our own US border agents?

Ask yourself why the Department of Homeland Security and other Federal agencies have purchased over 1.5 BILLIONS rounds of hollow point ammunition. This is strictly prohibited by the Geneva convention for use in warfare. So why is our government stockpiling ammo that is illegal for warfare? The answer is because it is for domestic use. That's over five rounds for every single American citizen.

In case you missed it... DHS said this purchase was for target practice. Any gun owner will tell you that expensive hollow points are not used for target practice. You always use less expensive standard rounds to waste on target practice.

And we're supposed to give up our guns NOW?

Seems to this writer that now is the time we should be hanging on to our guns, more than ever before. Our forefathers would be saying the same, because it very much appears that our government has a malicious intent at hand.

As far as the President and our politicians go, where was their fervent political will before the November elections, after the Aurora theater mass shootings, and the Oregon shootings, etc, etc, etc?

The answer is, they had no political inclination to deny gun rights, not until they secured their own elections. The cowardice of this knee-jerk new found morality is galling to say the least. Again, no political will to do this until after their own re-election. Only now do they have the gumption.

The most glaring counter to gun control seems to have been missed entirely by the mainstream corporate media... Connecticut has some of the toughest gun laws in the United States, and yet this tragedy still happened!

The media has been nothing but a mouthpiece for the authorities on this matter. No one is investigating the second shooter angle, because the authorities said it was nothing. In the old days of journalism, the press would have dug into the facts, to find out for themselves. Now they just accept the official narrative. The corporate media has done nothing but help foment the fear by railing over the horrors of gun ownership. They have literally fanned the flames for the attack on our Constitutional right to bear arms, without even understanding what the 2nd amendment was intended for, to protect ourselves from our own government if it ever went awry.

Sadly, we have reached that point in this country, with a government taken over by the heavily moneyed interests; a government that has now been turned against us.

According to the FBI's Uniform Crime Report, murder by gun was down for the fifth straight year in a row! Out of 12,644 gun murders, only 323 were by long rifle. Hand guns far exceeded this with 6,220 deaths. So why are they trying to ban long rifles? Because they are the real threat to a growing police state in a globalist takeover of the US.

What the media is tragically missing is all of the evidence that supports the case for gun ownership, that guns have been used in many more cases to save people than kill them. They have also been irresponsibly remiss in pointing out that many school shootings were stopped by registered gun owners. The media complicity in all of this is quite glaring and most disappointing, once again highlighting their role in the continued attack on the citizens of the United States.

While we're at it, let's clear the air on one huge media fallacy... that semi-automatic weapons are "assault weapons." That's not true. Only automatic weapons are classified as true assault weapons, but that's obviously not the message that the media wants to drive home for their false narrative on gun violence. This is just more evidence that the media is pushing a carefully engineered agenda.

Another issue that the lame-stream media has been totally irresponsible towards is the glaring connection with SSRI drugs that has been undeniably linked to most of the mass murder shootings in the US, yet not one peep from the corporate owned media on this damning indictment of Big Pharma. So much for the facts.

So, let's talk about a gun ban, shall we?

Instead of going to the extreme and banning all guns, you would think that any politician with half a brain, and there are lots of them that qualify in that department, if they would start with first things first and begin instead with gun ownership by those mentally challenged, or gun ownership among households with persons who are mentally unstable, then that would be a reasonable start. That should be the first recourse, rather than taking the extreme, as our politicians have done with their non-existent "war on terror." Rather than move cautiously with care, the new norm is to take everything at once, with no regard for for any of our Constitutional rights.

How about this for a solution... make these alleged "assault weapons" illegal for everyone, across the board, citizens and police. The immediate argument that you will get is that the police will be outgunned by the criminals. If you don't catch the obvious hypocrisy in that answer, let me spell it out... the criminals will still have the weapons and John and Jane Q. Public will not.

So where is the reason in that?

Those countries that have banned guns have only seen crime rise, because the criminals can now act with impunity, with no second thought to encountering any resistance from their prey. The public becomes innocent lambs, just waiting for the slaughter.

So, with the already previously mentioned twenty year decline in violent crime, you have to ask yourself, why is there such a recent up-tick in shootings?

Perhaps there were some who are afraid of the false "end of the world" claims, brought on by the end of the Mayan calendar. Other than that, one is really hard pressed to wonder as to what would suddenly cause mass shootings in Wisconsin, Colorado, and now Connecticut. It's as if someone turned a switch on and said, let's go. It's just very unusual when activity like this happens suddenly, in a short period of time.

Many have asked this same question, with some pointing the finger at CIA programs to push an agenda, using dark methods such as MKULTRA, or utilizing hidden technology, such as SSSS. (More on this topic at the bottom of the page.)

Others counter with the question, "But why would any government do such a thing?"

Like it or not, there are hidden powers within this world who are working to take guns away from the US citizenry. These are the dark overlords who cowardly sit behind our elected officials, pulling the strings for their own selfish agenda, a new world order, to be run by them.

These sinister forces realize that the US stands in its way, because its populace is so well armed. It is no accident, that the US is heavily armed. It was a right given to us by our forefathers through the 2nd amendment. Our forefathers understood the importance of having its citizens ready to act as a militia, to fight back against a tyrannical government, as our forefathers did when they fled England. They knew all too well that governments eventually become oppressive, and without guns, the citizenry has no chance to stand up for themselves.

So how does an outside force take away this necessary deterrent for tyranny? They do it by working within, to change the laws, making it illegal to own guns. They accomplish this through an age old principle, the Hegelian Dialect.

First, you create adversity. A situation dire to the populace. Next, you wait for the public outcry, taking note of the public's emotion and fear. The topper is then to propose your own remedy to the problem, one that benefits you specifically, even though it is an unpopular solution, one that would never be accepted by the people under normal conditions. The key component to such a plan is to instill fear, then capitalize on the emotion. It is a tactic that has been used many, many times by governments the world over that wish to oppress and exploit its citizens.

One thing is clear... there is a concerted agenda to disarm the US population, as they did to the citizens of the UK. As with 9/11, our politicians, who had no political will before the elections, and now seek to steal our 1st amendment right to defend ourselves, are working feverishly to exploit the emotion that has been stirred by a complicit US corporate media.

The facts are clear here, gun ownership DOES quell crime.

Another fact is also clear, our national corporate media is irresponsible, and our politicians are up to the same tactics they used after 9/11, to propose an unpopular solution to a problem that is not as widespread as these two forces would have you believe.

This is about making the US vulnerable, to weaken it's defensive ability. Nothing more and nothing less. Don't be fooled by our politicians and the talking heads.

We will not give up our guns. At least not without the fight that our forefathers intended them for.

Article Copyright 2012  by Tim Watts

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