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What To Expect When A Government Turns On Its People, by Tim Watts - 013111

While watching the Egyptian protests, and the resulting government reaction, I got to thinking... with Egypt a close US ally for over 30 years, how much of the government reaction came from Uncle Sam's playbook?

That made me start to take note of how the government went after the people. I wondered if it would be the same here, if the government ever declared martial law against "we the people."

Many were alarmed at just how quickly the Egyptian government was able to somewhat isolate its people and restrict their communications ability. The sad fact is, it really didn't take that much effort, so it is worth noting the methods used by the Egyptian government to suppress its people.

What was the first thing their government did? They shut down the internet and cell phone usage, at 12:30 at night. This not only stifled communication, but also information. In the cell phone age, shutting this vital service down greatly limits any mobile ability for the people to organize spontaneously and effectively.

Next, they went after the media, cutting down not only the information flow to the people, but also the information news flow out of the country, attempting to limit the world's view of the government's reaction against the people.

By restricting these services, the government attempts to retain control:

  • Kill internet

  • Kill cell phones

  • Restrict media & news control

Another common tactic of oppressive regimes struggling for control is to round up all those considered to be threats, such as intellectuals, civic leaders, and any anti-government dissidents.

  • Round up dissidents

As we learned here in the US, during hurricane Katrina, they also came for the guns, stripping legal gun owners of their right to defend themselves in a crisis.

  • Round up guns

You can bet that government's the world over are watching the Egypt protests quite intently, but probably none more so than the US.

Our country has already enacted planning and drill sessions among the military, for the purpose of maintaining civilian control in the event of public unrest from further economic hardships. They have recently built a fake city with with over 1,500 buildings, the size of downtown San Diego, for the purpose of training soldiers to fight in a domestic city environment. Our military even goes so far in these drills as to bring in the public, to take part as role players, treating it as if it is all just a big theatrical production. The civilians are told to act surprised and astonished over their detainment and internment, saying things like, "But we're Americans. How can you do this to us? We didn't do anything." What they are doing is desensitizing our troops, so that they will stand against the American citizens.

This is absolutely disturbing beyond words. Our taxpayer money, used against us, by our own government.

So, if our government is carrying out active plans to take on its master, "we the people," even though the legal right has never been given to our government, nor voted on by the people, then it would seem prudent for the people to exercise their right to throw off an oppressive government, as we are legally directed to under the very first paragraph of the Declaration of Independence. "We the people" have the legal right to overthrow a tyrannical regime, but our government has never been given the authority by the people to attack us.

Just because the illegitimate Bush-Cheney regime hid clauses into the Patriot Act and Military Commissions Act, etc, giving themselves the illegitimate right to attack, detain and kill US citizens, "we the people" should not recognize these stolen abuses of power as anything but treason against the people and our US Constitution.

Make alternative plans now, such as, how to contact friends and family in the event of a communications blackout. Plan ahead now for the pitfalls of a government gone awry, and you will be in much better shape to face the threat.

By making careful observations and learning from the Egyptian crisis, as our own government is, we can be better prepared to face the same oppression and tactics, should rogue elements within our government rear their ugly heads again, as they did on 9/11, and many other occasions in our nation's history.

Pay attention to Egypt folks, because the same thing could happen in America some day. Learn from the people of Egypt, before the same thing happens here.

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Interestingly enough, from the Pixar cartoon movie, 'A Bugs Life'
Nice to see the Pixar folks have it figured out. Hopefully this well depicted message resonates with those watching. People need to wake up and realize how they are held down. We outnumber those who would oppress us, by at least 300-million. Remember this key fact. "We the people" have the true power, and the "powers that be" know it. If they attempt to wreck our life, they will eventually destroy their own in the process.

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