Baby It's Cold Outside!

A Special Report On The Extreme Cold

And Now This On The Cold From NASA...

Note the warm earth in the middle and the cold at the top.

What Is It With Global Warming Skeptics?
A Different Take on Global Warming
Is it Possible 'Naturally,' or is it Engineered?
NewsFocus, by Tim Watts - 012414 Updatd

Why is it that when it gets cold, FOX News viewers ignorantly start to scream about how there is no global warming? They couldn't be any farther from the truth if they tried.

There is global warming happening. Temperature records show it.

So, the real question is, is it natural or man-made?

Is it temporary or permanent?

I have to say up front, it's not really totally fair to pick on FOX viewers per se, because the disinformation comes from FOX itself and its Murdoch corporate overlords who have done everything possible to support the march to the heinous  new world order.

What the skeptics and the naysayers at FOX News don't seem to understand is that severe cold in North America is the result of global warming. The cause of it... now that's the real question.

There is a whole twist to the global warming argument that many people are missing... the earth's response to extreme temperature increases.

Many are remiss in recognizing basic geo-science, something known as the Atlantic Engine. It is the great ocean conveyor of current that circles the Atlantic in a clockwise fashion. This current is responsible for helping regulate temperatures across the northern hemisphere.

The problem comes when temperatures at the poles rise and melting snowcaps start dumping cold, fresh ice-water into the Atlantic current; this comes primarily from the Labrador current, which brings the ice-cold water along the east coast of Canada and the US. When this water is introduced into the Atlantic engine near Greenland, it slows it down. That is a very bad thing for anyone habitating the north, man and animal, because when the Atlantic Engine slows down, it starts to get colder across the northern hemisphere.

The rest of the earth may stay very warm, but the northern latitudes will go into extended bitterly cold sub-zero winters, or worse, a new ice age. And it's all because it got warm at the poles and melted a ton of ice, but Mother Gaia has her own way of correcting global warming with her own massive global cooling.

So the next time someone tells you that global warming is a hoax, ask them what science do they base that on... or have they merely been getting their talking points from FOX News?

The latter question is not meant to be a snide remark. It is a very sad fact that few understand outside the corporate media. The mainstream media is a morally bankrupt institution to begin with, and then some... but FOX News is even farther below that depth of immorality. They were the first major national newscast to make lying a critical component in their programming strategy. Those facts are out there, for those willing to look. (The media page on this website has lots of interesting FOX news bits.) They're the worst source for news.

Let me also throw this out as food for thought... if global warming was indeed man-made, but caused by factories and corporate environmental pollution... what do you think the ultra-rich fat cats that own these offending corporate factories (and control the Republican party) are going to say?

And now their hooks are deep into the Democratic party too.

This has clearly become a huge political issue, but politics will not save us when it comes to global warming... oops, I mean, "climate change," because the powers that be (TPTB) apparently really want to exploit this issue.

I look at it three ways...

1) If it has a corporate origin, the fat-cats and politicians are apparently out to cover up their own sins, while making a buck off it.

2) If indeed it has been deliberately manufactured through chemspraying, then they created the whole thing to further enslave us through an insidious carbon tax... while making a buck off it.

3) If it is a temporary natural occurrence of nature, then it appears that they are quite willing to exploit it and make a buck off it.

Any way you look at it, we have global warming.

The carbon credit tax scheme proposed by Al Gore and his ilk is not what some might think. It is nothing more than a crooked scam.

When a rich corporation can buy "carbon credits" to offset their polluting, and still get away with polluting, where is the justice in that?

The whole carbon tax thing has been suggested as nothing more than another crooked plan to enslave us. Given the history of the uber-rich, the notion cannot be readily dismissed out of hand.

And let's not forget this... the US, Russia and China are actively playing God with our weather. They are chemspraying the sky all the time. Three countries with a push-pull effect on each others attempts to control the weather. That can cause serious problems as well.

One other thought, perhaps as a result of their military experiments they accidentally created global warming, but then simply found a way to exploit it for their own profit.

Whatever the reasons, the bottom line is this... who can say that global warming is naturally occurring?

The important thing to note is that it is happening, but... it is not as we are being told. Global warming is indeed capable of bringing "global cooling." It is a natural reaction of mother earth.

Maybe most interesting of all, while we have had record cold in the northern hemisphere, there has been record warmth near the arctic circle. I have a very good friend who works on the oil rigs on the north slope of Alaska, as far north as the land goes, right to the waters edge. He was home the 2nd and 3rd weeks of January when it was -20 below zero - straight temp, and he said it was colder here than when he left the north slope. He then left Minneapolis to return to Alaska, knowing full well he would be returning to warmer weather than in Minnesota.

Truly amazing. How twisted is that?

The point here is, something is awry with mother-nature, whether it's man-made, military induced, or a cycle of nature... something is very wrong.

This author believes that "man-made" is definitely a part of this, and that's the scariest thing of all.

Dealing with the accidental or deliberate repercussions is what now faces us all.

To see this new polar vortex open up over the northern hemisphere is not a good thing, especially if you're living in the northern latitudes, like Minneapolis where it's been regularly -18 to -20 below most of the winter. It's never been this cold, this long. Pay attention folks. And yes, global warming CAN cause global cooling. You just have to understand the geo-science before you try to deny it.

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