Get Smart: al Qaeda Patterned After KAOS

The "KAOS" Image Is How al Qaeda Is Sold To Us, But Is It Real?

Control Vs. KAOS

When I think of the infamous "War on Terror" and the international network of "evil-doers" known as al Qaeda, I cannot help but think of the 1960s sitcom , Get Smart. It's almost as if they've patterned their lies of al Qaeda sophistication and intelligence right from Maxwell Smart's fictional arch nemesis, KAOS. The group known as al Qaeda had its early organization and support from the CIA, and boogeyman Osama bin Laden was a U.S. asset, even up to 9/11. All fear al Qaeda, the "KAOS" of the new millennium. What it comes down to is controlling the public through fear. If only we could conjure up Maxwell Smart and the agents of CONTROL to help us now.


Season One, Episode Five



Season Three: Episode One



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