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Dark Forces Exploit Racial Protests in Minnesota and Across US
Coordinated Operations by Unknown Group, to Fuel Protest Rage and Violence, Op-Ed by Tim Watts - May 30, 2020, Updated June 1, 2020

A Different Threat to Consider 

(MN) Arguably one of the most bizarre things to happen out of the George Floyd murder in Minneapolis is the number of people trying to exploit the situation here in the Twin Cities. Many have focused on the looting, accusing angry protesters of going beyond their peaceful civic protest, however, it now appears that there are much more nefarious forces at work in the state of Minnesota and elsewhere across the US - apparently working to increase the chaos and racial tension.

Organized Terror

The following revelation from St. Paul police shows that the situation in Minnesota is being exploited by a larger force, one perhaps far more powerful than thousands of angry protesters.

This is outrageous to see something so dark, yet apparently very well organized and extremely clandestine.

  1. More than one vehicle and driver being used.

  2. All going so far as to illegally block their license plates.

  3. All vehicles carrying materials to wreak havoc on the city.

  4. All drivers were willing to abandon their vehicle and flee on foot.

That is without a doubt, absolutely @#%* odd folks! Who freely gives up their car?

If this doesn't reek of or suggest a covert op taking place, I don't know what else would qualify more.

Umbrella Man

These protests got off to a bad start immediately with the questionable activities of "umbrella man," a white man dressed in dark clothing and wearing a gas mask who broke windows. The curious thing is, he carried the open umbrella with him on an un-rainy day, suggesting he may have been trying to avoid overhead security camera surveillance. This is noticeable as he approaches the intersection before going to AutoZone. (see video below)


Note the following points in the video above...

At the :20 second mark, he directs the umbrella to shield himself from the intersection street cameras. Whoever he was, he appeared to have a plan and knew what he was doing as he deliberately blocked himself from security cameras. Also curious, at :56 seconds, the bystander next to the building doesn't run away from umbrella man as he starts breaking windows, he turns right toward him instead and passes closely by. That is very odd indeed. At 1:40 umbrella guy has an altercation with the pink shirt guy... then at 1:46 umbrella guy swats the camera filming him. At 2:30 there is a different video where you see umbrella guy walking with the same pink shirt guy again. Umbrella man seems to lower his umbrella to protect himself from the camera as he and the pink shirt guy walk towards the corner.

The real odd stuff starts at 2:42, behind the AutoZone once again, but this time with some guy who looks like his face has been splattered with milk after a tear gas round. He is, ironically enough, talking about "how hard it was to breathe." Umbrella guy is seen in the background, but moves when he appears to see the camera. (What is this video all about?) More curious, note the people coming out the back door at 2:54 - 3:04. There is another guy with a colored gas mask in a dark hoodie that comes out the back door. Lastly take note of the motorcycle guy looking back and speaking with umbrella man at 3:09.

The big question is, who are all of the guys in this shot and how are they involved with or associated with umbrella guy?

What is going on at this location? Did umbrella guy come back? The door was originally closed when he walked by with the pink shirt guy after breaking the windows. Someone had to have shot this video behind the AutoZone that can explain it, or perhaps it was "milk face guy" actually filming himself. (??) This video raises many more questions.

Tactics Not New

The fact that any of this is actually happening in here Minnesota is beyond disturbing, but history shows us that this is hardly unique to these particular protests. This is a tactic that has already been seen before in Ferguson, MO, as well as the SPP protests in Canada and other social hot spots around the world. This type of sponsored disruptive activity seems to be the new norm for peaceful protests.

Given the revelation of such coordinated activities being executed at what are meant to be peaceful protests, the question to ask should be... who is trying to escalate and exploit these peaceful protests and turn them into tumultuous events for their own end and means?

Media Misstep

The Minnesota media have been trying to fact check on their own about agent provocateurs, by asking protesters where they were from, but the naiveté and myopia of such a tactic as a realistic gauge is horribly flawed at its basic premise, because paid instigators such as this are trained to avoid police and the media.

Why on earth would someone who was paid to cause violence and create chaos ever speak to the media?

Sorry to say, but this attempt at polling is somewhat disingenuous. The short sidedness of the Twin Cities media on this one is almost McGoo-like and most of them have simply not thought this one through well enough. Just because the people they spoke with on camera were from Minnesota says nothing against the possibility of a covert group from outside the state taking part behind the scenes at the protest. (The arrest records are actually more accurate.)

Outside Influence

This author went to a number of hotels in the south metro and found a significant number of license plates from Texas, Illinois and other conservative strongholds filling the parking lots. This does not mean they were here to cause disruption to the protests, but it also might perhaps lend a degree of caution or legitimacy to the allegations being made. In all honesty, I actually fear more of a deep-state operation, a level where politics is but a mere pawn in the overall plan.

Last Word?

This story about people fleeing and abandoning their cars after being pulled over by police should be the biggest story since the unfortunate death of George Floyd, however, since it likely implicates a dark network within the bowels of deep state, it will be intriguing to see if and how this bombshell story gets handled. Look for the disinformation campaign to start soon, or perhaps the cavalier indifference and subsequent ignoring of this story altogether.

As reporter Linda Ellerbee often used to say, "And so it goes."

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Editors Note:
Racism has arguably been one of our oldest pandemics in this world for too many years now. It is infectious and spreads among people and it causes many needless deaths as well. Perhaps it's time we try to cure this horrible disease as well.

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