The 2016 US Presidential Debates

The 2nd Debate Was a Shit-Show of Audacity and Outrageousness

The Fiasco Known as the 2016 US Presidential Election
Debates Descend to Personal Attacks; Issues Lost in WWE/Jerry Springer Circus, Op-Ed by Tim Watts - 101016

Knowing that our controlled two-party political system is probably the worst at representing "we the people"... let me say this about the 2016 US presidential election... with regards to the 2nd debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton... I must confess that NEVER in my 58 years have I ever witnessed a shit-show of such wild audacity and outrageous behavior on national TV as the 2nd presidential debate, other than perhaps maybe a Jerry Springer episode concerning group sex in the deep south with your relatives.

This was a debacle unlike anything ever seen in a US presidential debate, bar none.

Some are applauding the show of rancor and character assassination much like construction workers betting on a bar fight...or maybe more descriptively, like young college sophomores at a wet t-shirt contest.

On the other hand, there are those who mourn such a public display, horrified over the embarrassment of a presidential campaign that has stooped to the level of airing each candidate's personal dirty laundry to our international neighbors.

I have to honestly say that I did not watch the first debate, and thus I did not intend to watch the second debate either, however... I did have the feeling that somehow it was going to be a donnybrook, yet still decided not to watch.

Well, as fate would have it, while on a Skype conference call with some good friends in the independent news media, one of the callers brought up the debate video through Skype. Suddenly there I was, watching the opening political pomp and circumstance of the media moderators who were assigned for that evening's debate. I knew there was something afoot right from the start as the moderators actually broke the debate down like football analysts on Sunday morning. They weren't concerned about the issues. They were ready for a show, and they certainly got it.

Again, in all my years I have never seen the gloves come off so freely and aggressively as they did for this debate. Once the opening blows were struck, it was on like Donkey Kong. This was WWE at its best, at times with the moderators thrusting themselves into the frenzy like crazed WWE managers who come from beyond the ringside and leap the rope to start beating the opponent with a chair.

This was a spectacle never before seen in US presidential politics, far beyond the 1988 vice presidential debate when Lloyd Bentsen smacked down Dan Quayle for comparing himself to President Kennedy, saying... "I served with Jack Kennedy. I knew Jack Kennedy. Senator Kennedy was a friend of mine, Senator, you're no Jack Kennedy."

The audience erupted just as loudly that night in 1988 as they did for this debate when Donald Trump said that he would have a special prosecutor look into Hillary's affairs if he is elected president.

You couldn't ask for more theater... and less substance. Gone were the big issues that are affecting us all, such as the post-2008 economy and how to actually make it work for the rest of us, instead of just making the super rich even more wealthy.

To this author, this election is the biggest travesty in American politics, and I honestly cannot say that I am surprised one single bit.

I have publicly stated many times that the 2016 election would be different, because Americans had already learned from 8 years of getting screwed by the Republicans and Bush-Cheney, and then again by the Democrats with broken promises from Obama-Biden. Those who think deep about the powers that be (TPTB) knew that they would have to find another angle for this election - another pitch - another lure to bring the American people back to the voting booth and to actually believe that there could possibly be an honest election afoot in the US.

The thing that appears obvious this election is that Hillary wants the promise fulfilled that was made to her in 2008 when she was told it was Obama's turn to rise to the top.

To this author there was good reason for that, for the rise of Obama, because otherwise the only things that would have been the same from before and after 9/11, despite a sea of forced "change," would have been the same corrupt families running this country, the Bush's and the Clinton's... back-to-back-to-back-to-back... Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton.

Without Obama to break it up, the corrupt two-family control would have been much more readily transparent to the people, when you look at the timeline as it could have been...

What History Would Have Looked Like Without Barack Obama

It's interesting to note that despite all the "change" that has been thrust upon the US since 9/11, the only things that haven't changed are the same political families that were running the show before 9/11.

They needed Obama to break the cycle and to give the illusion that the fix was no longer in with arguably two of the biggest crime families ever, the Bush's and Clinton's (who, despite being conniving, opportunistic politicians, are but mere loyal lapdog servants for the ultra-wealthy of this world such as the Rockefeller's, Morgan's, and Rothschild's).

One critical note that makes this scenario even more intriguing is the background of Barack Obama. Despite the hub-bub of foreign origin, there is much evidence to suggest that he has deep ancestral lines to six presidents, most notably Bush, and also to former VP Dick Cheney.

Sounds like the perfect inside sleeper to this reporter.

So here we are in 2016, with the Clinton's once again poised to strike, reportedly with the help of Bush family supporters, and maybe more shockingly enough, even some of those at FOX News.

I have to add that it is also most bizarre to watch a major political party once again run from the people's chosen candidate from their caucus, and yet this election we see the same cold reception for Donald Trump that Ron Paul received from the Republican party in 2008 and 2012.

Wow... deja vu... again.

Here is the main thing about this election and the previous promises made to Hillary in 2008... unfortunately for her, Mrs. Bill Clinton just happens to be the most unelectable person on the face of the earth, just from the baggage of her husband's administration alone, not to mention her own horribly damning affairs, such as the the lack of due diligence in the affairs of Benghazi, or the purging of thousands of emails immediately after a federal court subpoena.

The fact is, this is but just the tip of the damning iceberg for Hillary.

The sins of the Clintons run far and deep in this country, but none run as deep as the Bush family. Most disturbing of all are the longstanding,  intimate ties between Bill & Hill and the infamous Bush family.

These two crime families have been tied together at the hip since the Iran-Contra affair and Barry Seal's drug running to Mena, Arkansas, when the Clinton's were the first family of the land and Bill was Governor and Hillary was an aggressive bulldog lawyer.

Now, the word on the street is that the Republican Bush's are for Hillary.

What a twisted political world we have.

I knew things were odd when damn near every Republican had jumped into the presidential pool. It was a literal free for all of GOP candidates; a cornucopia of who's who in the GOP. Then Jeb Bush dropped out and things got really weird with the Republicans - the only one who was able to stay afloat in the deep end of the pool at the finish was Trump, with his heavy golden pair of water-wings.

How is this even physically possible you say?

Everyone from the Republican party was in the pool at once. The good ship Donald should have easily sunk to the bottom, and yet somehow here we are - this is what we're left with.

At this point you are literally left with the haunting feeling of... really?

That's the best the GOP could do this time around?

Conversely... Hillary was the best the DNC could offer?


For the record... this makes FIVE elections in a row where the GOP has given us crap for a candidate, and five in a row from the Democrats as well. (And don't forget that both Gore and Kerry mysteriously folded up their campaign tents way too easily with no real challenge over two clearly tainted elections).

The fix was in.

The fix has always been in.

A great many Americans do know better.

This 2016 election fabrication is an orchestrated fight, one that has been carefully engineered to deliver a Clinton win right from the start.

The way this reporter sees it, Trump was chosen because he is the only one who could make an unelectable Hillary look electable.

Please don't get me wrong. I'm not knocking Donald Trump, per se, as much as I'm explaining why he fits a fight with Hillary, so please hear me out on this.

Hillary would have a very hard time running against a polished GOP  politician with all of her negative political baggage. As someone who is seeking the female vote, her best bet was to get into a fight with a known womanizer that openly speaks his mind, (maybe a little too freely) with little regard for political correctness.

Enter the Donald.

This is a fight that the unelectable Clinton's feel that they can win, but the 2nd debate may have now given them pause to think, as Trump took the gloves off and went after Clinton in a way never before seen in modern day US politics, at one point proclaiming that she should be in jail for her criminal activity.

So the 2016 presidential campaign is shaping up pretty much as expected, with the unexpected... two people before us that are sorely underqualified to hold the office of president, both for differing moral reasons, and both now on the doorstep of controlling a nation that has been overtly desperate for even just an ounce of integrity and moral leadership since 9/11.

Will Robinson's robot would be yelling "danger" at this point.

In a nutshell, we are getting screwed again in 2016.

First it was a Bush who didn't win in 2000 and had the Supreme Court illegally stop a lawful recount in Florida. Conveniently, Bush's campaign chairman in this key swing state just so happened to be the Secretary of State overseeing the election process, Katherine Harris.

Crap election numero uno.

That same bad penny came back again in 2004 when Bush once again won election without actually winning, because the new electronic voting system (HAVA) came into play and the election results were proven by to have been tampered with. Along with that fact, Walden W. O'Dell, the chief executive of Diebold Inc, the company that runs a majority of the electronic voting machines, claimed that he would do whatever it takes to seal the win for Bush.

As if that wasn't enough to raise the ol' "Spock eyebrow" for some, then consider this little "coincidence"... for the second election in a row, Bush's campaign chairman (in the pivotal key swing state at the time) just so happened to once again be the Secretary of State, conveniently this time being the one key person overseeing the election process in Ohio that year, Mr. Kenneth Blackwell.

Flaming crap election # 2.

In 2008, after Americans had enough of the post 9/11 Bush-Cheney tyrannical regime, the US was promised a "change" by Barack Obama. Many bought into the myriad campaign promises that he made to undo the unconstitutional violations of Bush-Cheney, to end the Iraq war, and to close down Guantanamo, but unfortunately the Obama-Biden team continued on with the Bush-Cheney post-9/11 era policies, all the while furthering the unnecessary growth of the US police state, and continuing unprovoked US military aggression around the world.

Nothing but empty promises unfulfilled. Crap election # 3.

In 2012 the GOP / RNC laid down and literally refused to run the one candidate who could have easily beaten Obama in a head-to-head battle (Ron Paul), proving that the fix was in for that election as well.

For those scoring at home, that's crap election # 4.

NOTE: Let it be recognized that both of these past administrations shamelessly continued the unnecessary state of emergency (SOE) in this country by constantly signing Proclamation 7463 every single year since 9/11, despite no valid reason to do so, other than to undermine the foundations of our previously once Constitutional government and to push instead for an agenda driven global union run by the uber-rich.

I bring up the aforementioned of a globalist world plan because here we are in 2016, fifteen years past 9/11, with the US still quite desperate for some actual real leadership, and yet what we have been given is a choice between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

As alarming as that is for many to swallow, those are your official state sanctioned options for this election cycle - two gigantic turds in the proverbial punch bowl.

Crap election # 5!

A wild coincidence perhaps?


To be technically more explicit... in a pig's eye.

Please know and understand one thing... that this presidential election is no accident. This is exactly what TPTB want, because this election is about the continued demise of the US. Those that have been paying close attention to US politics and policy since 9/11 get this implicitly.

This election is as staged as the last question was for the 2nd debate.

What are the odds that a person waiting all night to ask one question would end a heated debate on such a lame, insipid question such as, "what is the best quality of your opponent?"

Puh-leeze... that's 7th grade student council politics.

The simple fact of this year's election is that all of this has been carefully manipulated and prearranged theater for the politically naive and the large masses of voting stupid here in the US, right from the very beginning, yet... despite those who do immensely enjoy the bitter, personal, acrid attacks of the two candidates, and in spite of those who support our perverted two party system of donkey vs. elephant, one thing is for certain this time around... this election is without doubt a veritable, unabashed shit-show of embarrassment for "we the people" of the United States.

All you can possibly say at this point is, "buyer beware."

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