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Election 2016
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Trump Elected 45th US President
Clinton Campaign Stunned in Historic Upset Loss
NewsFocus, Op-Ed by Tim Watts - 110916
Donald Trump has been elected as the 45th president of the United States, surviving a highly contentious campaign battle with Hillary Clinton. What this means for the United States is now the question on everyone's mind. For those curious, the Trump plan is below. One thing that I hope is not lost is the balls to jail the political criminals of this country. The people are tired of hearing that we're "moving forward and not looking back." Bill Clinton did it for Reagan & Bush after Iran-Contra, and Obama did it for Bush & Cheney after 9/11. "We the people" want these criminals in jail, and that includes the Clinton's and the Bush's, and their associates and financial handlers, because you can't move forward until you clean up the dirt from the past.
Read: The Trump 100 Day Plan (PDF)

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As some people in this country vent their anger over the election of Donald J. Trump, there are at least two camps of people who are having an entirely opposite reaction... 1) those reveling in the win and basking in the glow of victory, and 2) those hiding in fear for their lives as the chaos and calamity threaten to descend upon their once peaceful neighborhoods.

As all of this is happening and being hyped up by the corporate news media, I am quite saddened by the discourse that is taking place across the US, but I am also not surprised ... (Read more)

Prepare for a Post-Election US Shift
More Change in Store for the Country, and Some Major Heartbreak, Op-Ed by Tim Watts - 110716

After all the political fanfare, the Jerry Springer theatrics, and WWE rhetoric of the 2016 presidential campaign, there are many things that are for certain after this election... a lot of bitter heartache for some, more acrimonious, heated bitching from the pundits, waves of angry despair amongst "we the people," maybe a few overturned burning cars along the way, some angry protests high in vitriol, and complete with the gnashing of teeth ... and definitely more change for the US.

Specifically two things are guaranteed... half the country is going to be very pissed off and the rest of us are going to get royally screwed. ... (Read more)

The Fiasco Known as the 2016 US Presidential Election
Debates Descend to Personal Attacks; Issues Lost in WWE/Jerry Springer Circus, Op-Ed by Tim Watts - 101016

Knowing that our controlled two-party political system is probably the worst at representing "we the people," let me say this about the 2016 US presidential election... with regards to the 2nd debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton... I must confess that NEVER in my 58 years have I ever witnessed a shit-show of such wild audacity and outrageous behavior on national TV as the 2nd presidential debate, other than perhaps maybe a Jerry Springer episode concerning group sex in the deep south with your relatives.

This was a debacle unlike anything ever seen in a US presidential debate, bar none. ... (Read more)



Investigative Team Finds Evidence of Machine Tampering in Dem Primaries
Election Justice USA·Wednesday, August 10, 2016

A team headed by award-winning journalist Lulu Fries’dat, statistician Anselmo Sampietro, and professor Fritz Scheuren (100th President of the American Statistical Association) has found irregularities in the overwhelming majority of the twenty-one presidential primary states that they analyzed. Their data indicates, in particular, that the totals reported on the Democratic side in the race between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders may not be correct.
... (Read more)

The truth about exit polls and vote counts: 2016 Democratic Presidential Primary BlackBox Voting

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NewsFocus: Perhaps DNC staffer Seth Rich knew too much about what happeed in the primaries.


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