US Dod Preps for Civil Unrest

A Look at the Plans Being Made for Economic Collapse

Pentagon Preparing for US Economic Civil Unrest
Military Plans Drawn Up to Thwart Civilian Uprisings Over Economic Collapse - Op/Ed by Tim Watts - 011011

Lest anyone think the government isn't doing everything they possibly can about the current economic crisis, the US is currently in the midst of planning and drills for a possible downturn in the economic crisis. The problem for many is, it's the Pentagon and the military doing the planning. The US is currently running military exercises and domestic drills... to battle upset Americans, in the event the economy should worsen. A Pentagon plan named "Operation Quest" is currently underway which deals with using military force to control the population, in the event of a total economic collapse. The Pentagon is reportedly preparing for a variety of scenarios, which includes "large scale economic breakdown," and "domestic order amid civil unrest." Essentially, preparing for a police state against the people who lost it all.

Nothing at all about combating the ultra-wealthy Wall Street fat-cats and bankers, or the preceding piss-poor government regime that allowed this all to happen in the first place. So long as the obscenely rich and the corporate elite get to maintain their "government insured" opulence, that appears to be all that our in-the-pocket government appears to care about. They will fight to protect the ultra-wealthy elite, their corporate holdings, Wall Street, the banks and their sundry financial institutions, but not us. It's us they're preparing to stand against, not the rich. Our Pentagon is standing for those who engineered and profited from this economic holocaust. The internment camps are for us.

Americans may find it in their best interest to make their own plans, in the event our former government "of the people" decides to go off on "we the people," right after they've personally helped bankrupt us and ruin our economy.

This could very well turn out to be robbery and a mugging.

Unified Quest 2011
Army Chief of Staff Future Study Plan

Combined Arms Maneuver and Wide Area Security in the 21st Century

UQ11 Calendar of Events  |  Unified Quest 2011 - Warfare Study Overview [PDF]

U.S. Military Prepares For Economic Collapse
TheNewAmerican - 120710

Skeptics who continue to assert that the economic plight of the United States has been overstated need not look further than the Pentagon to find out just how wrong they are. CNBC has learned that the Pentagon is currently playing out “war games” pertinent to an American economic meltdown. ... (Read more)

Marines Train in Mock City as Big as San Diego
AP | Yahoo News - 012511

TWENTYNINE PALMS, Calif. – A 1,560-building mock city that's roughly the size of San Diego has risen in the Southern California desert. The $170 million Marine Corps urban training center ... (Read more)

Marine Corps to debut $170M urban training center in Twentynine Palms Desert Sun

Map: Twentynine Palms Complex Google Maps

NewsFocus: You have to question the motive when our government invests this much of our taxpayer money to train our soldiers to fight in city settings. This has nothing to do with urban warfare per se, as much as it has to do with an urban assault, preparing to use force for civilian control. We've fought wars in cities for decades now. (See WWII) Our military really doesn't need the further expertise, not with all of their history in urban warfare, so for many, this training setup is entirely suspicious. Coupled with the already vast number of nationwide FEMA internment camps, this is indeed very, very disturbing. Whatever happened to Posse Comitatus? Oh yeah, the Patriot Act and the Military Commissions Act... all that stuff that is supposed to "defend our freedom." Ever read either of those heinous "terror" acts? You should. You wouldn't like what our Congress allowed, without their ever reading this voluminous Constitution killing bill.

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