What Americans Don't Know

Gullibility, Naivety, Unwarranted Trust; Shackles That Blind And Bind

Basic Stuff That Most Americans Are Embarrassingly Clueless About
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Let's face it, Americans, for the most part the middle and upper classes, enjoy a pretty comfortable life. We own lots of nice things to make us feel good about our lives. We have countless trappings of fancy technology to provide us with modern conveniences never before ever imagined by our grandparents. Most of all, we are the most overly entertained society in the world. If you think that's a good thing, you would be remiss in understanding how the desire for comfort and pleasure has dumbed-down most of the lemming herd to the point that our only intellectual challenge these days comes from mindless trivia games that test our knowledge of pop culture.

There once was a time when the learned education of science, mathematics and history were the foundation of intellect and wisdom; real knowledge that could grow a society, but sadly enough, that concept has now given way to a dysfunctional reverence for mental minutia, or knowledge of the insignificant.

What was Jimmy Walker's favorite catch phrase in the 70s TV sitcom Good Times? Who were the main pilots in the movie Top Gun? How many kids did the Brady's have and what were their names?

Americans appear to know more about inconsequential bullshit than we do about the inner workings of the world in which we live. As a species, this is entirely counterproductive in a world to which we are entirely dependent upon.

Most have little faith or trust in our politicians, and as a result have very little interaction with our political system. At the same time, we have a barren understanding of the interconnected mechanisms that drive our economy and its financial institutions. We have become negligent of intellectual curiosity. We have been conditioned to be disinterested in matters of the real world, accepting instead a narrow view provided by the talking heads of our overly glorified media.

We have become dangerously gullible and overly trusting of our media, but most threatening of all, we trust our media talking heads implicitly, with little question for the real news that affects us all.

America has lost its way and we ourselves must shoulder a great deal of that blame.

Wake Up And Know The Truth

It's time to wake up and understand that our society has been dumbed-down to the point where we now no longer are able to look past the news of the day and ask the simple question, why. And when we do finally realize that life has changed in an adverse way, we then, and only then, want to know how such radical and adverse transformations can take place without us knowing. The honest truth is, we stopped paying attention to what is important a long time ago. Don't take it too personally, because our government funded educational system has had a great deal to do with that. Americans now rank far down the educational ladder compared to other countries and many feel it is by design. The less educated we are, the greater the chance that we can become fooled and manipulated due to our lack of understanding when it comes to the inner workings of government and politics. America has been stolen from us, yet most don't even know it.

Our own blind trust has stolen our ability to see beyond the television news and the incessant sound-bites from Capitol Hill. Our collective ignorance leads the way towards acceptance of corporate hegemony, naively believing that industry and retail have our best interests at heart. Like the movie Matrix, we live in a world that we think is real, yet the actual reality behind the scenes, behind the smiling TV anchors and the inundation of commercial enticements, is far more insidious and threatening than most seem to know.

Some would wholeheartedly agree with this assessment, but sadly, a majority would openly scoff at the notion, basically in large part due to the blinders described above that have shackled their intellect and robbed their curiosity for the real truth. If you fit the latter group, perhaps a review of what Americans in general don't know would be enlightening to you.

Hidden Truths

The Federal Reserve: It is not owned by the U.S. Government. It is owned by the ultra-rich banking families that usurp the sovereignty of our nation by controlling the monetary policy of this nation. A 1910 cabal of the wealthy elite met at Jekyll Island and effectively took over our nation in 1913 through its monetary system. They control the big money and the reserves of the nation through its twelve Federal Reserve banks. The Banking Act of 1935 created a monolithic central bank with total control over the U.S. monetary system. The act removed the secretary of the treasury and the comptroller of the currency, from the Fed Board. The Fed would be responsible for monetary policy and the U.S. Treasury for fiscal policy. The Federal Reserve wields the primary monetary power in the United States.

The existence and operation of the Federal Reserve in the United States has long been argued over the years by many in Congress as the single biggest threat to our democracy, more so than communism or any other foreign threat. Under the Fed, American capitalism has now failed miserably twice now in less than 80 years, in 1929 and again in 2008. The Federal Reserve cartel has the infinite wealth to dictate our political landscape and our government policies. Some contend that they have the temerity and unscrupulous conscience to assassinate political leaders, including American Presidents.

This country fought the creation of the Fed during the reconstruction period, following the Civil War, but coincidentally enough, those that opposed it's creation were all killed, including three sitting Presidents within a 36 year period. President John F. Kennedy also understood the danger of wealthy bankers controlling the Fed. He wanted to do away with the Federal Reserve and put the power of printing money back into the hands of our government. He was assassinated shortly after signing Executive Order 11110 which would have given that power back to "we the people." If we as a country ever hope to regain our national sovereignty, we must either take over the Fed, or do away with it altogether.

2/3rds of Wealthy Corporations Pay NO Taxes: According to a little known August 2008 GAO study, over 2/3rds of wealthy U.S. corporations pay NO taxes whatsoever into our economy and nearly 70% of foreign companies also do not pay. This amounts to over $2.5 trillion in untaxed income! We would have no economic disaster if the corporate rich would simply pay their fair share. They pay nothing into America, but get all the profits. We would not be anywhere near the fiscal crisis we have now if our government just did its job and made them all pay their way like the rest of us. Thatís all we expect, just make them pay their fair share, with NO tax loopholes.

Instead, these corporations duck supporting our country, all the while these uber-wealthy corporate rich are allowed to destroy our infrastructure with their large trucks traveling our highways. They are allowed to cripple the environment with toxic pollution, leaving the clean-up to the poor taxpayer. (Thank you George W. Bush.) American capitalism is clearly out of hand and operating unchecked, with the rich reaping all the benefits and wealth. Contrary to popular propaganda, America was not built on the efforts and laurels of the wealthy, but on the backs of the middle class and the poor. The ultra-rich do nothing but take, and leave us with nothing, except for a large bill to pay for their abuse of our infrastructure and environment. And if you really want to add insult to injury, these same immoral parasites actually still get tax breaks, even though they pay nothing. (U.S. Corporations That Pay No Taxes Still Get Tax Breaks)

Operation Mockingbird: Make no mistake about it, the media is controlled in America. What once used to be well over 100 major media outlets suddenly shrank to just 50 in 1993, thanks in large part due to the short sided Reagan Administration deregulation of the 80s. Now, just 17 short years later, we find ourselves down to just six major media corporations that own it all. This essentially means that six CEOs control what you see on the news or read in the press. Conversely, it also means they control what you don't see.

1934 Coup On America: For many, this is the most mind boggling of all, that the ultra-wealthy of America actually plotted and attempted the assassination of FDR and the overthrow of the U.S. government by violent coup. At the same time that the Nazi fascist regime was rising to power in Germany, a coalition of the wealthy elite, many of whom were financing the Hitler rise to power, also wanted to install a fascist-style government at the same time here in the United States. Retired General Smedley D. Butler broke up the coup and is arguably the most unsung hero in American history.

The McCormack-Dickstein Committee convened and found the entire plot to be true, but somehow let those involved get away scot-free with their crime. Among those incriminated in this fascist plan for America were the Morgan banking family, the DuPont and Remington families, as well as Prescott Bush, father of George HW Bush and grandfather to George W. Bush. It should also be noted that Prescott Bush was charged under the Trading With The Enemies Act during WWII as he helped launder money for Hitler's Third Reich through the Union Bank of New York, owned by Brown Brothers & Harriman. A detailed account was published worldwide in 2004 by noted British newspaper, The Guardian UK.

False Flag Operations: Many have no concept of the term, let alone the intellectual courage to entertain the concept of a government willing to commit atrocities for imperial gain and then blame them on foreign entities. The Spanish-American War (or American-Spanish War as it should be called) was a false flag operation, as was World Wars I and II, the Viet Nam War, both Iraq Wars and now the Afghanistan War. Ask yourself why our wars are always in the "U.S. interest," even though they are fought on foreign soil. Much can be written on all of these events, but in all fairness, it's time that America puts down the remote and does a little research on their own. The truth is out there. You just need to turn off the TV and immerse yourself in some real research.

9/11 Did Not Happen As we Were Told: This will be a topic to surely rile some, however, fortunately enough, those naive individuals are now in the minority in the U.S. as more than half of all Americans do not believe the official story and are demanding a new investigation. A 2006 Zogby poll found that 50% of all New Yorkers believe that unscrupulous factions within our government were complicit in the attacks of 9/11. A CNN poll of 7,000 people found that 90% of those responding believed the US government was involved in a cover-up. And now a 2007 Zogby poll shows that 51% of Americans do not trust the official government story and now want a new (real) investigation of the 9/11 event. The demand for 9/11 truth is growing at a rapid pace in the U.S. and that has some who were complicit in the event very worried.

You Have To Look To Find The Truth

To some, this is all absolute heresy because they are willing to blindly accept explanations without proof, for stories that they have never researched on their own, nor are willing to. Who wants to upset their comfortable lifestyle to find out that the world is not as we know it? A key component to the disillusionment of society is based on a simple concept once explained to us by Sir Winston Churchill, "History is written by the victors." The ultra wealthy of this nation own our media and the publishing companies, so we read what they want us to believe. Why on earth would they ever print the truth when it is damning to them or paints them in a bad light?

When people do begin to look into the truth, those within power with something to hide will always fall back on their favorite mantra, it's a just conspiracy theory. And if you accept that feeble premise, then you also dismiss the fact that corporate greed does not exist, that politicians are all truly honest with our best interests at heart, that no one would ever dare start a war for imperialism, or natural resources and obscene war profits. You in essence must believe that true evil and avarice do not exist. And if you want to hear a real doozy, defense contractors just want peace in the world, a concept that would literally rob them of trillions of dollars in tainted profits. President Eisenhower, a military lifer and five-star general tried to warn us, but his best intentions for our country apparently fell on deaf ears.

Assault On "We The People"

A paltry 1% of ultra-wealthy Americans control the major wealth of this nation. With a population of over 300-million people, we greatly outnumber those who would suppress our rights and our liberty. One day the sleeping giant that is the American people will wake up to the truth. They will unite in solidarity, putting aside the carefully crafted separation of left versus right that we have all been pushed into in order to keep us at each other's throats, to divide this once great nation for an easy conquest. Make no mistake about it, they know they are outnumbered and they will do whatever they have to in an effort to maintain their obscene profit schemes and to maintain their control. This is why literally trillions have been spent on non-lethal weaponry in this country.

The defense industry is all about new weapons and killing the enemy for profit. Non-lethal weapons don't kill and are not solely intended for foreign battlegrounds, but domestic crowd control here at home, should "we the people" ever wise up and tire of our oppression. If you doubt that, then you have already missed the deployment of these non-lethal weapons during the Bush II era following 9/11. These weapons are now commonly dispersed against U.S. citizens, taxpayers who were forced to pay for weapons that now are regularly used against us. These weapons were most recently deployed in St. Paul, Minnesota during the 2008 Republican convention and also in Pittsburgh during peaceful protests at the 2009 G-20 summit.

Take Responsibility And Work For Democracy

"We the people" have lost control of this country because of our gullibility and our own naive blind trust, coupled with the unwavering and immoral greed of unscrupulous corporations and our weak or crooked politicians who no longer do our bidding, but answer instead to their wealthy corporate contributors.

Take the health care reform debate for example; the American people asked for a single-payer plan (HR-676) or at least a decent affordable public option, only to be blatantly lied to and jerked around for months on end, instead getting a mandate that all uninsured persons now have to buy insurance, adding hundreds of millions to the insurance company coffers.

When you get right down to it, we are now left as we originally were when our forefathers first fought to forge this nation, taxation without representation. We no longer have the ear of our elected representatives. That now belongs to the large political action committees (PACs) and the wealthy corporations who bribe them with cash and political contributions. Until we recognize this undeniable fact en masse, as a nation, we will continue to get more of the same

Wake up America! Quit thinking along party lines and realize what is best for all of us. As the old saying goes, "United we stand, but divided we fall."

About The Author:
Tim Watts is a veteran San Francisco broadcaster with 25 years experience in the industry as an on-air talent, Program Director, and consultant. He is the creator and sole author of the websites NewsFocus.org, and TheAmericanTruthNetwork.com. He has been writing about U.S. corruption over the last decade, while also investigating 9/11 from the moment that the first tower fell. He has documented his 9/11 research on a dedicated website called A September Coup

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